Challenge Tower

By copuni
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About this islandIf you can climb to the 100th floor of the tower, you have completed the game! To go to the next floor, you have to press a switch in the room and hit a jackpot! What happens if you hit the wrong one? The odds are completely up to you at the moment you press the switch! In short, your luck will be tested. How many floors can you go? 塔の100階まで登れればクリア! 次のフロアへ行くには部屋の中のスイッチを押し、当たりを引かなければならない! もしハズレを引いてしまうと…? 当たりハズレは押した瞬間に決まる完全確率! 要はあなたの幸運が試される。 あなたは何回まで行けるかな?
one life
difficulty: very hard

How to Play This Island

Step 1Download FortniteIf you don't already own Fortnite, you can download it for free.
Step 2Navigate to SearchIn Fortnite, navigate to Search by clicking on the search icon at the top of the screen.
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