Lava Death Run

By historia_fn
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About this islandIf you fall into the boiling magma, you're out of the game instantly! This game is a Death Run-style time attack, where you aim to escape from the scorching lava zone! Reach to the checkpoints by jumping across unstable igneous rocks and climb cliff walls of columnar joints! Find the best route, and aim for a higher score! 煮えるマグマに落ちれば即アウト! 灼熱の溶岩地帯から脱出を目指すデスラン風タイムアタック! 不安定な火成岩の足場を飛び移り、柱状節理の崖を登ってチェックポッドを目指そう! ベストなルートを見つけ出し、ハイスコアを叩き出せ!

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Step 3Search for IslandYou can search for this island using its code or its name. Select it, and now you're ready to play!
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