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By ispuddy
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About this island🌟Play as 25+ Fortnite Bosses with 🌟Special Abilities, 400 HP and silly voices. 🌟The DOOT Device can be found in Supply Drop. 🚩Capture The Flag for more DOOT Device. Update v22: 👻Added Shadow Midas Bosses: 🪙Midas 😎Brutus ⚔️Skye 😺 Meowscles 🏍️ Kit 🧑‍🔬Jules 💧Ocean 🧊Ice King 🟨Cube Queen 🟪Cube Assassin 🟣Glyph Master Raz 👾 Zyg 🪨The Foundation 👓Doctor Slone 🚀Gunnar 🔪 Huntmaster Saber ⚫The Herald 🔨The Ageless 🕵️ Wildguard Relik 🦇 Kado Thorne 🔥Valeria 🐯Oscar 💎Montague
team deathmatch

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