Chapter 4 Season 2


Unlock a mega cast for the MEGA Season.

Fortnite - BattlePass Chapter 4 Season 2

Unlock Thunder and Mystica

Plus More New Outfits, including Eren Jaeger later in the Season!

Fortnite Thunder Glider
Fortnite Thunder Back Bling
Fortnite Thunder Axe
Fortnite Thunder Loading Screen
Fortnite Mizuki Glider
Fortnite Mizuki Back Bling
Fortnite Mizuki Axe
Fortnite Mizuki Loading Screen
Fortnite Stray Glider
Fortnite Stray Back Bling
Fortnite Stray Axe
Fortnite Stray Loading Screen
Fortnite Highwire Glider
Fortnite Highwire Back Bling
Fortnite Highwire Axe
Fortnite HIghwire Loading Screen
Fortnite Renzo the Destroyer Glider
Fortnite Renzo the Destroyer Back Bling
Fortnite Renzo the Destroyer Axe
Fortnite Renzo the Destroyer Loading Screen
Fortnite Imani Glider
Fortnite Imani Back Bling
Fortnite Imani Axe
Fortnite Imani Loading Screen
Fortnite Mystica Glider
Fortnite Mystica Back Bling
Fortnite Mystica Axe
Fortnite Mystica Loading Screen
Fortnite Eren Jaeger Wrap
Fortnite Eren Jaeger Back Bling
Fortnite Eren Jaeger Axe
Fortnite Eren Jaeger Spray
Renzo the Destroyer
Eren Jaeger

Battle Pass Also Available with Fortnite Crew!

Fortnite Crew is the ultimate monthly Fortnite subscription offer. This subscription includes the Battle Pass, 1000 monthly V-Bucks, and a monthly Crew Pack. The Crew Pack is an exclusive Outfit bundle that’s yours to keep!

1500 V-Bucks Back

Get the Battle Pass for only 950 V-Bucks and earn up to 1500 V-Bucks by playing. Use them to buy the next Battle Pass or items from the Item Shop.

XP Beyond
Battle Royale
You can earn XP towards your Battle Pass in Battle Royale and Zero Build. But did you know you can also earn XP in certain creator-made games? Creator-made games that reward XP have an XP badge in their Discover screen description. Play the way you want to unlock Thunder, Mystica, the adrift “Stray,” and more!
Fortnite - Chapter 4 - Season 2

Become MEGA in Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 4 Season 2. Ride the grind rails of “MEGA City” and swerve on its streets on a sports bike. Go beyond the neon towers to the rest of the new biome: cause Havoc at “Steamy Springs,” drive a "Nitro Drifter" to the "Drift Ridge" car track, sharpen your "Kinetic Blade" skills at “Kenjutsu Crossing,” and more!

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