Fortnite Chargebacks

What is Epic’s policy if a cardholder files a chargeback about transactions on my account?

When a credit or debit card holder disputes a payment to Epic Games, a “chargeback” is filed for that purchase. Once a chargeback is filed, we will remove any purchased items that are associated with the chargeback from the account. Any credit or debit cards associated with the chargeback will not be able to be used again within the Epic Games Store, Fortnite, or other Epic products. If an item has been removed from your locker in Fortnite and you don’t believe it’s due to a chargeback, please visit this page.

In addition to the above, after two or more chargebacks, the account from which the unauthorized purchase was made will be blocked from making purchases across Epic products for up to one year. You may still purchase and redeem V-Buck gift cards that are acquired outside of the in-game Fortnite Item Shop.-

For issues unrelated to chargebacks, please visit our cancellation and return page for more information on how to request a refund directly from Epic. 

My account was previously banned due to a chargeback – does this policy change my ban? 

We’ve made changes to our chargeback policy to better account for certain non-fraud-related scenarios that could result in a chargeback. We are retroactively restoring accounts that were banned due to reported chargebacks under our previous policy. You will receive an email if your account has been restored as part of this change. 

What is a chargeback?

If someone sees an unauthorized transaction on their credit or debit card statement and reports it to their bank, the bank or card issuer will initiate a process to reverse the transaction – this process is called a chargeback. Learn more on what to do if you see an unfamiliar transaction on your account related to Epic Games here