Creator Feedback Program

Fortnite Creator Feedback Program

Welcome to the Creator Feedback Program

Are you passionate about Unreal Editor for Fortnite and Fortnite Creative? Do you thrive on sharing your insights and expertise to drive meaningful change? Join the Creator Feedback Program and become a valued voice in our journey of continuous improvement and innovation!

We believe in the power of collaboration and the invaluable feedback from creators like you. Our Creator Feedback Program is designed to foster a dynamic community of passionate individuals who share our vision for excellence.

  • Fortnite Creator Feedback Program
    Why your voice matters

    As creators, you bring a wealth of knowledge, insights, and perspectives to the table. Your experiences shape the way we design, develop, and refine our products and services. That's why we believe that involving you directly in our feedback process is not just beneficial — it's essential!

  • Fortnite Creator Feedback Program
    What you can expect

    By applying to join our Creator Feedback program, you'll be eligible for the opportunity to be a part of focus groups to provide feedback on upcoming features, tools, and updates before they're released to the public. Your feedback during this crucial phase helps us fine-tune and enhance the user experience.

    We value your contributions as a member of our Creator Feedback Program!

How to Get Involved

Getting started is easy. Simply fill out our application form and tell us a bit about yourself, your background, and why you're excited to join our Creator Feedback Program. Our team will review your application and reach out to selected participants.

The program is open to all eligible creators who meet these minimum criteria (Additional criteria may be required based on the engagement opportunity):

Active membership in the Island Creator Program, and in good standing in the program.

Published an island within the last six months.

No Community Guidelines violation in the past 365 days.

Creator account adheres to the Fortnite Island Creator Rules content guidelines.

Join Us in Shaping the Future

By joining our Creator Feedback program, you're not just providing feedback — you're helping shape the future of UEFN and Fortnite Creative and making a meaningful impact on the experiences of creators worldwide.

Ready to make your voice heard? Apply now and become part of a vibrant community dedicated to driving innovation!

Have questions or need more information? Contact our team and we'll be happy to assist you.