Create entirely new games in Creative and discover new ways to play with friends. Join one of the biggest communities in gaming!


Creative puts Fortnite at your fingertips. Turn your vision into reality and see just how far your skills and imagination can take you. Make unique islands and games to share online with friends. Create together. Try thousands of games made by people like you and get inspired

Creative Documentation

Fortnite Creative FAQs

What is Fortnite Creative?

Creative allows you to design Fortnite games and experiences that can be published and shared with friends online. Recreate Fortnite with your own vision, using your rules on your own personal island. You can also Discover countless community made games to play on the main Discover screen.

Can my friends join me on the same Fortnite Creative island or map?

Yes! Up to 16 players can build or play together in Creative. Party up in the lobby screen and jump into a game together.

What are the Fortnite Creative games I can play?

There are countless of unique games that you can play in Creative, all made by community members like yourself. New games are featured every week on the main Discover screen Launch Fortnite to find new games for you and your friends to play.

You can also play a specific game by looking up its code and entering it on the island code tab in Discover

What is a Fortnite Creative map code?

Every publicly playable game will have a code associated with it. These codes allow you to load any game ever published in Creative and play with your friends.

How do I use a Fortnite Creative code?

Step 1: Launch Fortnite. Click ‘Change’ to access this menu.

Step 2: Press Play, then select ‘Island Code’ and press enter.

Step 3: Type in the code on this screen and press Launch to start the game.

Optional: Alternatively, you can walk up to any featured island in the Welcome Hub and enter the code there. After a brief moment of loading, the game you’re looking for should appear.