Fortnite Creative Documentation

Welcome to the Fortnite Creative resource pages from Epic Games!

Welcome to the Fortnite Creative documentation site! Here you can find the information you need to create your own custom island and build your ideal game or interactive experience!

Check out or jump in-game to explore awesome community creations.

Drop into the Welcome Packet!

Are you looking for a quick one-stop shop to learn about Creative? Look no further, the Welcome Packet has all the information you need to start on your journey to being a creator.

Whether you're starting from scratch with your knowledge about Fortnite, or you're a seasoned player looking for a new way to express yourself, you're in the right place.

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While reading through the Welcome Packet — or any other pages here — feel free to check the Glossary for any terms you don't know. It's here to help!

What information can I find here?

Need to know how to configure a Creature Spawner device? Want to make a maze or create a hoverboard island? This is the place!

On our site, you can find information for using assets from the Creative inventory to create gameplay examples and interactions that build full islands.

To find what you need, use the search bar to find something specific by keyword or concept, browse the navigation tree to the left, or click any of the general topics below: