Find lesson plans that are designed for use by educators in the classroom.

Free Fortnite Creative lesson plans are available to educators who want to use Creative in creative ways in the classroom.

Creative brings a whole new dimension to learning with interactivity that can be controlled by your students, and it's a great way to engage their interest.

These lesson plans cover a range of subjects, including history, geography and programming, and address a variety of skill sets, from writing and graphic design to puzzle solving and city planning.

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What Is the Educational Value of Fortnite Creative?

Fortnite Creative is a sandbox environment included as part of Fortnite. Fortnite Creative can be used to develop a variety of immersive interactive experiences. This includes games and educational and historical experiences such as the TIME Studios March Through Time experience.

On the underlying foundation of Unreal Engine, students can take advantage of thousands of beautiful Fortnite assets to build experiences for areas and ideas that interest them. Studies show the educational value of games in learning and engagement, and Fortnite Creative in the classroom is no exception.

By working with Fortnite Creative, students have an opportunity to gain insights into game technology and design, develop new skills that can port into many areas of life, and to use the space to creatively employ their ideas and imaginations in building epic experiences — in every sense!