Fortnite Frostnite 2020

save the worlds newest update 11-18-2020

By The Fortnite Team

Hello Commanders, 

Homebase is back to look at what’s coming over the next two chilling weeks in Fortnite Save the World. We’ve got an action packed report for you, Commanders.

Homebase Status Report… Initiate!

This Week - Bundle Up For The Winterfest Ventures Season

Fortnite Save The World Winterfest Ventures

It’s time to grab your winter coats, Commanders. The next Save the World Ventures season begins on November 20 at 7PM ET.

The Winterfest Venture Zone modifier is the powerful Super Heroic Modifier. 

The frosty Wintery winds swing this modifier in favor of Homebase’s Heroes. Each class will gain super heroic benefits that play off of their current playstyle.

Soldiers, do you love landing headshots? Great. The damage of headshots is doubled and you’ll benefit from reduced cooldowns when eliminating Husks with ranged weapons. Sling bullets and grenades to your heart’s Desire.

Constructors, do you love building? Do you ever find yourself short on materials? You’ll love the reduced building and repair costs. Prefer to swing a giant hammer? We’ve got you covered. You’ll benefit from reduced cooldowns when triggering Kinetic Overload and benefit from more impact damage as well.

Ninjas, a healthy blend of Melee and Ability weaving will be key with this modifier. Focus your efforts on ability eliminations to gain increased melee damage and attack speed. Use that to your advantage as melee eliminations also reduce your ability cooldowns.  Synergize your playstyle for maximum efficiency. You’ll also gain double the Shadowstance stats so get in their faces and show em’ who's boss. 

Outlanders, it’s time for some punchin’ (looking at you, Jess) as Anti-Material charge will have no cost during this Ventures Season. For all you T.E.D.D.Y slingers out there,  you’ll benefit from a free Fragment every 50 seconds along with increased ability damage. 

The crystalized winds of the Winter also make Husks more resistant to weapon and trap damage. Bring a healthy blend of Heroes to overcome their defenses. Nothing you can’t handle, Commanders.

Note on Winterfest Season: Thanks to your player feedback, the experience required to complete the season has been significantly reduced. 

Fortnite Save The World Powerhouse Pack En

Power up with the Powerhouse Pack!

Starting Thursday, November 19 we’re introducing a brand new Save the World Pack in the series: The Powerhouse Pack! 

Replacing the Samurai Scrapper Pack; The Powerhouse Pack introduces a new Hero, the Lectro Shock weapon schematic, Power Pack Back Bling, the Power House Challenges, and entry to Save the World. These exclusive Save the World challenges will earn you 1,000 V-Bucks and 1000 X-Ray Tickets.

Note: The Cosmetic items of this Pack will be shared through Battle Royale, Save the World a