Fortnite Amazon Luna

How to Play Fortnite on Amazon Luna

With Amazon Luna, play Fortnite through cloud streaming on Windows PC, macOS, iOS Safari Browser, Android phones, Chromebook and Chrome browser, Microsoft Edge, Fire tablets and Fire TVs, plus select Samsung Smart TVs. Amazon Prime member? Stream Fortnite via Amazon Luna at no additional cost!

All Amazon Luna players can play Fortnite with touch controls on mobile. Players who prefer a different control input can use a keyboard-and-mouse on Windows PC, macOS, and Chromebook, or use a bluetooth controller (including the Luna controller) on any Luna-supported device.

Because Amazon Luna streams games via the cloud, it still works well on most low-end devices as long as you have a high-speed, low-latency, and stable internet connection. A high-speed internet connection is necessary for playing Fortnite on Amazon Luna. Check out our FAQ below to learn more.

Fortnite on Amazon Luna FAQ

Amazon Prime members can stream certain Amazon Luna games for no additional cost, including Fortnite! Not an Amazon Prime member? You can subscribe to Amazon Luna+, which includes Fortnite and a variety of other games. Amazon Luna+ is available for a monthly subscription fee, and a seven-day free trial is available.

After subscribing to Amazon Prime and/or Amazon Luna+, you can play Fortnite through Amazon Luna by:

  • Playing via the Chrome browser.
  • Playing via the Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Playing via the Safari browser on iPhone/iPad.
  • Using the Luna app for Windows PC or macOS, available from the Amazon Luna Getting Started page.
  • Using the Luna app for Fire tablets and Fire TV.
    • Two ways to get the app:
      • On your Fire tablet or Fire TV, download Luna from “Apps.”
      • “Deliver” Luna to your Fire tablet or Fire TV from the Amazon Appstore.
  • Using the Luna app for Samsung TV.
    • Find the Luna app via the Samsung Gaming Hub launcher bar, or download the app from the Samsung App Store.

Yes! You just need to make sure your Epic Games account is connected to your Luna subscription. When you select Fortnite on Amazon Luna for the first time, you’ll receive a QR code prompt if you’re on a Fire TV or Samsung Smart TV. (Scan the QR code with a mobile device to begin the account linking process.) On other Amazon Luna-supported devices, you’ll be redirected to the account linking page.

Once your Epic account is linked, you’ll automatically log into Fortnite with your Epic account when launching Fortnite through Amazon Luna. Your progress will also transfer to other platforms you use your Epic account on.

If you're a child, you may need your parents’ permission to link accounts.

On Windows PC, macOS, Chromebook, Fire TV, Samsung Smart TVs, Chrome browser on laptop/desktop, and Microsoft Edge on laptop/desktop, all current Fortnite games are available to play through the cloud via Amazon Luna, including Battle Royale/Zero Build, LEGO Fortnite, Fortnite Festival, Rocket Racing, Save the World, and community-made games.

On smartphones and tablets, Save the World is unavailable to play through the cloud via Amazon Luna. However, all other current Fortnite games are available to play.

See the Amazon Luna Getting Started page to see the supported controllers per device. All devices support Luna Controller, the Sony DualShock 4 (PS4) controller, and Xbox One controller. Using the Luna controller app, players can use their mobile device as a controller for all Luna-supported devices, even other mobile devices!

For game streaming on mobile devices specifically, players can use either a controller or touch controls.

The regions where Amazon Luna is available is listed on Amazon Luna’s FAQ page.

The internet, hardware, and/or OS requirements for each Luna-supported platform can be found on the Amazon Luna Getting Started page.

Yes, you can use Luna to directly broadcast your Fortnite gameplay to Twitch! Visit Amazon’s Help & Customer Service to