A-maze Foes and Allies with PAC-MAN Items in Fortnite!

The Fortnite Team

The Island’s fruit never looked so good.

Whatever direction the battle takes you, the PAC-MAN Back Bling will encourage your pursuit. Never stopped forgetting the classics? The Back Bling’s available in the Item Shop alongside the PAC-Brained Emote. (Take a PAC-MAN break with the power of your mind.)

PAC-MAN Back Bling

Fortnite PAC-MAN Back Bling

Equip the PAC-MAN Back Bling to place the classic character on your back. When you head left, he’ll face left, and when you head right, he’ll face right! He’ll also pixelate when you land or take damage. 

But the PAC-MAN Back Bling is more than just PAC-MAN. Switch to one of the ghosts — BLINKY, INKY, CLYDE, or PINKY — in the Locker! Always on the hunt, their eyes will move up, down, left, or right to match the direction you’re moving. Like PAC-MAN, they’ll pixelate when you land, but when you take damage, they’ll TURN-TO-BLUE too. When you go Down But Not Out, they’ll become only EYES.

PAC-Brained Emote

Fortnite PAC-Brained Emote

Whether you have PAC-MAN fever or just extreme PAC-MAN enthusiasm, show it by projecting the game from your mind. Let your mind wander with the PAC-Brained Emote!

Clear out your enemies in retro style.