Alpha Player of the Week - Tenma


After playing Fortnite for quite a few years, Alpha Player of the Week, Tenma has quite a few tricks up his sleeve. Luckily for us, he's happy to share some of those tricks with us!

Fortnite%2Fblog%2Falpha-player-of-the-week---tenma%2Funnamed-250x250-73467c5f8e984baa7f19fbe38d29641ed3f94a8aEpic Games Senior Community Manager, Will Kinsler said, "Tenma knows Fortnite as well as anyone. During Alpha he created guides to help new players, answered countless questions in global chat. I learned a lot watching him play. We're lucky to have him in our community and I can't wait to see all of the great things he'll contribute now that we're entering Early Access!"
Flak: What should we call you?

Tenma: Tenma or David "Doc".

F: How long have you been playing Fortnite?

T: Over two years.

F: What made you decide to start playing?

T: After seeing the video "Fortnite Experience Trailer" back in December of 2014. The video was only a minute or so long but, I knew I wanted to be a part of it in some way.

F: Which hero class is your favorite and why?

T: Currently the Soldier is my favorite due to the overall damage dealing capabilities. I previously used Constructor for build cost reduction, and Ninja for mobility. The Soldier has the abilities to get you out of tough spots with the Shockwave and Grenade abilities.

F: Do you have any secrets you'd like to share about using the soldier?

T: Always keep Adrenaline Rush on hand, always keep your ammo topped off, keep your weapons and traps level maxed for the difficulty.

F: Wood, Stone or Metal and why?

T: I do not totally build with a single material and I almost always layer my walls. Such as Metal Vertical Walls, with Angled walls made of Stone outside of that. Ammo cost being so high on wood I normally only use it for patching breaches in the defense due to its build and repair speed.


F: Which Trap is your favorite and how do you use it?

T: Floor Launchers, there are many uses for these to push back entrap, or throw Husks off cliffs. Always pair these with other traps that do decent damage to weaken the Husks or by shooting them beforehand. By weakening them from damage they are more prone to being launched.

F: Do you have any hobbies or anything you’d like to share with the community?

T: I enjoy making graphics in After Effects and Photoshop, I also enjoy video editing. When I am away from the computer I enjoy hiking and bike riding here in the Cary/Raleigh N.C. area.

F: Can you share any secrets about Fortnite that will help new players?

T: Do not be afraid to ask for help, and in turn when others ask lend a hand. Experiment with different building styles and strategies and find one that works for you. Lastly, Survivor Squads need as much attention as your Weapons, Traps and Heroes do.

Thank you Tenma for the interview! We’ll be sending him some Fortnite swag as thanks. Keep watching the Fortnite Blog for more Player of the Week interviews!