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Announcing The PlayStation Cup - More Winners Than Ever!

The Fortnite Team

Fire up your PS4 on December 21-22 and compete in the PlayStation Cup for the opportunity to win unique prizes.

This Duos competition will take place on Saturday, December 21 and Sunday, December 22. Both days are open to all eligible PlayStation 4 Fortnite players, with each day featuring unique prizes, including a new cosmetic and Emote for Day 1, and a prize pool of $5,000,000 for Day 2! Be sure and drop in each day as this tournament will feature more winners in a single Fortnite tournament than ever before. For complete details, check out our Official Rules.

Day 1:

On Saturday, December 21, the top 50% of players on each regional leaderboard will have the opportunity to win an all-new Glider. The top 25% will also have the opportunity to win an all-new Emote.

Day 2:

On Sunday, December 22, all eligible PlayStation 4 Fortnite players will compete with a fresh start and new leaderboards. When the dust settles, a share of the $5,000,000 USD prize pool could go to a whopping 16,000 eligible players globally! This is one of our widest payout structures for any Fortnite weekend tournament, and the biggest Fortnite prize pool to date for any single platform.  To learn more about how the $5,000,000 prize pool will be distributed, check out our Official Rules

For information on exact timing for your region, fire up your PlayStation 4 console and head to the Compete tab in-game for details on how and when to play. Start training today and we’ll see you on December 21 for the tournament!