Archery Ability Fortography Results!

The Fortnite Team

Aim and shoot!

To celebrate Aloy’s arrival on the Island, we asked you to put your Fortography skills to the test — taking photos demonstrating your bow-and-arrow skills

Below are some of our favorite photos that you shared, including those that made use of the Focus Filter provided by Guerrilla! The next Fortography theme can be found at the bottom of this post.

GingrBeard Archery Fortography

Focused. Photo by @GingrBeard.

bash_6025 Archery Fortography

Bird’s-eye bullseye. Photo by @bash_6025.

kumo_R_sK Archery Fortography

Worm’s-eye anxiety. Photo by @kumo_R_sK.

OkumuraaW Archery Fortography

An Island welcoming. Photo by @OkumuraaW.

PurpCubeTrooper Archery Fortography

Warming up. Photo by @PurpCubeTrooper.

ItsAlsoEvanXD Archery Fortography

Sharkshooter. Photo by @ItsAlsoEvanXD.

alexmax_93 Archery Fortography

Drive-by dino. Photo by @alexmax_93.

PPP_MassaMan Archery Fortography

On guard. Photo by @PPP_MassaMan.

Yasusu29958945 Archery Fortography

From drawn to drawing. Photo by @Yasusu29958945.

Gughost7 Archery Fortography

A familiar kind of beast. Photo by @Gughost7.

AKUMAKITAN Archery Fortography

Skye vs. Skye. Photo by @AKUMAKITAN.


OmegaEspurr Archery Fortography

Aim FROM high. Photo by @OmegaEspurr.


SkyexFN Archery Fortography

Underwater archer. Photo by @SkyexFN.


Samuel97333131 Archery Fortography

Dusk or dawn? Photo by @Samuel97333131.

For your next Fortography lesson, in light of Neymar Jr's arrival earlier this week, we want to see shots demonstrating why soccer is known as "the beautiful game." Whether you have the Neymar Jr Outfit equipped or not, show us your best soccer-based screenshots with the #Fortography hashtag on Twitter! (Tip: the soccer field at Pleasant Park may be a good place to start.)