As Fast as a Turtle, Chapulín Colorado Arrives in Fortnite!

The Fortnite Team


The Adventure Continues

Starting on November 1, become part of the best superhero gang by visiting Aventura Colorada, a player-made experience (made by community member Iscariote) based on Chapulín Colorado’s sitcom.

Play and complete the minigames inspired by some iconic Chapulín Colorado moments: use the Chipote Chillón, run at full speed with your Antenitas de Vinil, and shrink yourself with the Pastillas de Chiquitolina to explore from a unique perspective!

You can join the adventure by selecting the experience in the Discover screen or by entering the code 6118-9838-7849 in the Island Code tab.

Having trouble? Check out our guide on how to use the Discover screen in Fortnite Creative.

Fortnite Creative Code 6118-9838-7849

Share your Appreciation for Chapulín Colorado on TikTok

The Chapulín Colorado nostalgia is taking over TikTok! Starting on November 1, join the Grasshopper Fever by sharing a tribute video under the hashtag #FNChapulínColorado

Take a look at the amazing content being shared by other Fortnite creators and use them as inspiration to make your tribute video for this memorable occasion!


Hold on to your seat! As you suspected from the beginning, on November 1 Chapulín Colorado arrives in Fortnite to defend us all!

The world’s greatest comedic superhero on international TV is celebrating his 51st anniversary by joining the battle in Fortnite. First created by Roberto Gómez Bolaños, Chapulín Colorado carries himself as a superhero with a heart of gold. With his power to teleport, ability to detect danger with his antennae, and his super gadgets, he’s always ready to save us all. Chapulín's clumsiness but with good intentions is what made him so loved in every household in Latin America and beyond.

¡Síganme los Buenos!

Chapulín represents the everyday hero in all of us, and soon you can be that hero too with his unique item Set. So be ready to save the day! 

Fortnite El Chapulín Colorado Set

Starting 8 PM ET on November 1, players will be able to purchase bundles containing their favorite El Chapulín Colorado Set items or purchase items separately.

In addition to the El Chapulín Colorado Outfit, you can get the following Outfits: Agente ColoradoCapitana ColoradaSoldado ColoradoAmazona ColoradaGuerrero ColoradoGuerrera ColoradaHéroe ColoradoHeroína ColoradaDefensor Colorado, and Defensora Colorada.

Fortnite Additional El Chapulín Colorado Outfits

Also, equip yourself with the Paralizatrón CH-3000 Back Bling and brandish your always faithful Chipote Chillón Pickaxe

And finally, celebrate your Victory Royale (or your tactical retreat) with the ¡Que no panda el cúnico! Emote.

Antennae of your own await.