Ash Williams Defends The Knowby Cabin During Fortnitemares 2022

The Fortnite Team

It’s no coincidence The Knowby Cabin suddenly cropped up during Fortnitemares… Deadite Enemy #1 Ash Williams found his way to the cabin only to make a new enemy: the Fortnitemares zombies. Was he the one who accidentally unleashed them? That’s up in the air, but he’s willing to fight back either way. Not only can he be found on the Island, but his Outfit is available starting now in the Fortnite Item Shop!

Fortnite Ash Williams Outfit and Accessories

Celebrate Fortnitemares with the new Ash Williams Pack, which includes the following items:

  • Ash Williams Outfit - Who’s laughing now?

  • Necronomicon Ex-Mortis Back Bling - Legend has it that it was written by the Dark Ones.

  • Boomstick Back Bling - Two barrels are better than one.

  • Chainsaw Hand Pickaxe - Groovy. (Can only be wielded by the Ash Williams Outfit.)

  • It's a Trick! Emote - There's something down there!

  • Hello, Henrietta Loading Screen - Someone's in my fruit cellar!

Fortnite Hello, Henrietta Loading Screen

The Hello, Henrietta Loading Screen.

Where to find The Knowby Cabin (and Ash Williams) on the Island? Fitting for a cabin in the woods, it can be found in the western woods of Reality Falls! For what else is happening during Fortnitemares — including special Quests, rewards, and unvaulted items — check out our Fortnitemares 2022 blog post.

“Shop smart” with the Ash Williams items now available in Fortnite.