Assemble “The First Shadows” in September, October, & November 2021 with Fortnite Crew

The Fortnite Team

Before the days of Shadow, Midas set his sights on building an empire of espionage, intrigue, and conquest. Enter his original three operatives.

Fortnite The First Shadows

Coming to Fortnite Crew over the next three months are "The First Shadows,” three unlikely allies united by a genius who saw their potential. September’s Crew Pack brings The Burning Wolf, Midas’ first enforcer. October’s Crew Pack then brings Chaos Origins, Midas’ first redeemed. And finally November’s Crew Pack brings Sierra, Midas’ first pardoned. As usual, each Crew Pack arrives at approx. 8 PM EDT / 7 PM EST on the eve of the new month.

Subscribed for All Three = Bonus Styles

How did Midas find these three? Stay tuned as each operatives’ backstory comes to light as they step from behind closed doors. As an extra in November, subscribed players who’ve obtained all three of The First Shadows will be rewarded a bonus Style for each.

Join the most secret of Midas’ operatives.