Bandcamp Curates Independent Artists for Fortnite’s “Radio Underground”!

The Fortnite Team

Every Victory Royale deserves a fantastic soundtrack. Right now, Bandcamp is taking a spin in the Radio Underground control room! The next time you’re cruising around the Island, tune into Radio Underground to hear Bandcamp’s handcrafted playlist featuring independent artists from around the world. From rock and pop to disco and synthwave, there’s something for everyone!

Fortnite and Bandcamp

Bandcamp is an online record store and music community where passionate fans discover, connect with, and directly support the artists they love.

Bandcamp’s Radio Underground takeover runs for the rest of Battle Royale Chapter 4 Season 1. Here’s a full rundown of all the artists and tracks featured:

Artist and Track Rundown

The Beths, "The Great No One"

Sunny indie rock from New Zealand, full of jangly guitars and rich harmonies.

Starflyer 59, "New Guitar"

Infectious noise pop from a long-running California band with ’90s alternative rock roots.

Gladie, "Nothing"

This rising Philadelphia group pairs catchy pop-punk hooks with raw, relatable lyrics.

Pow Wow!, "Don't Stop to Look"

Combining disco, rock, and soul, these New Yorkers’ sound was built for the dancefloor.

Ronnie Martin, "Sing Among the Branches"

Veteran producer Ronnie Martin channels the best of ’80s synthwave into a neon-lit stunner. 

P.E., "Contradiction of Wants"

Psychedelic textures, swooping vocals, industrial drums, saxophones, hand-claps: these Brooklynites are a lot, in the best possible way.

De Lux, "On and On Till the End of Us"

This Los Angeles “post-disco” duo put a shadowy spin on synth-pop that’s a little goth, a little punk, and entirely awesome.

Pale Blue Eyes, "TV Flicker"

Pillow-soft grooves and coasting rhythms, built around one of the most infectious, alien synth lines of recent memory.

Pool Kids, "That's Physics, Baby"

Infusing emo with elements of math rock, prog, indie, and even jazz, these Florida up-and-comers stand poised for greatness.

Jungle Rat USA,  "Love One Another"

Initially released in 1971 and shrouded in mystery until last year, this funky gem from Panama is a prime example of “souldies” (aka soul combined with R&B).

Ginger Root, "Loretta"

Inspired by Japan’s “city pop” movement of the ’70s and ’80s, Ginger Root describes his music as “aggressive elevator soul”: in-your-face, but also impossibly smooth.

Happy listening! 🔉