Become a Hero with Fortnite x My Hero Academia!

The Fortnite Team

Go Beyond! PLUS ULTRA!

Four mighty Heroes from the world of My Hero Academia, the beloved anime franchise, make their debut in Fortnite on December 16, 2022 at 7 AM ET. But before we get into that, go through Hero training yourself!

Enter the Hero Training Gym

Starting now, check out the new limited-time My Hero Academia Quests in Battle Royale/Zero Build and the Hero Training Gym island (island code: 6917-7775-5190). Complete the Quests before December 29, 2022, at 7 PM ET to unlock XP and special items:

  • Complete the “Assist in Eliminating Opponents on the Hero Training Gym island” Quest (island code: 6917-7775-5190) to earn the Deku Spray.

  • Complete the “Secure Rescue Points on the Hero Training Gym island” (island code: 6917-7775-5190) Quest to earn the PLUS ULTRA Spray.

  • Complete a total of four My Hero Academia Quests to earn the Deku’s Glove Emoticon.

Complete a total of eight My Hero Academia Quests to earn the U.A. Cape Back Bling.

23BR Quests Social

My Hero, Your Power

There are the items for your Locker, but there’s also the Deku’s Smash item on the Battle Royale Island. Harness the power of “One For All” and unleash a powerful punch to take down structures and opponents.

Find Deku’s Smash from All Might Supply Drops and My Hero Academia Vending Machines.

I Am Here!

If you want to be a Pro Hero, you must be able to prevail in battle. Fortunately, All Might is here to help. All Might is dropping loot all over the Island with a smile, so keep an eye out for the flashy All Might Supply Drops falling from the sky!

23BR MHA Social AllMightSupplyDrop Social

Surpass Your Limits in the Hero Training Gym

Go all out on the Hero Training Gym island, built by creator team Zen Creative. Here you will learn how to serve up justice and unleash your power. Choose from one of three classes and go head-to-head in team vs. team combat among two different arena settings, while letting loose with Deku’s Smash. 

23CR MHA HeroTrainingGym Urban2

In Hero Training Gym, you’ll earn Rescue Points from eliminations or by capturing Rescue Zones, which will appear periodically across the arena. Players who get an elimination will earn one Rescue Point for their team. If a player is able to maintain position in a Rescue Zone for the time listed, they'll earn five Rescue Points for their team.The first team to earn 100 Rescue Points wins!

To enter Hero Training Gym, select the “Hero Training Gym” tile on the Discover screen or input the island code 6917-7775-5190.

You Too Can Be a Hero

Four Heroes from My Hero Academia land in the Fortnite Item Shop on December 16, 2022, at 7 AM ET:

Izuku Midoriya 

EN 23BR MHA Social Bundle IzukuMidoriya Social

Thanks to All Might, Izuku Midoriya discovered that he had what it takes to be a hero and inherited the One For All Quirk. Currently enrolled in the Hero Course at U.A. High School, Midoriya is on his way to becoming the greatest Hero who saves people with a smile. Using Midoriya’s built-in transformation Emote, go Full Cowl to switch to his alt Style.

Included with the Izuku Midoriya Outfit is the All Might Collectible Back Bling. A reactive Back Bling, this All Might figurine will cheer you on to victory with each elimination you get. Another accessory matching Midoriya is the Blackwhip Axe Pickaxe.

All Might

EN 23BR MHA Social Bundle AllMight Social

Known as The Symbol of Peace and Midoriya’s mentor, All Might is here! Unleash your inner power and transform from his normal looking persona to Pro-Hero, by using the All Might Outfit’s built-in transformation Emote. Also, an impossible journey doesn’t feel so bad with the Principal Nezu Back Bling included with All Might! Another accessory that matches this Outfit is the All Smite Pickaxe.

Katsuki Bakugo

EN 23BR MHA Social Bundle KatsukiBakugo Social

Midoriya’s childhood friend, fellow U.A. classmate, and rival, Katsuki Bakugo also aims to be the greatest Hero and is naturally talented in combat and battle skills. Dress for every season with his Hero Alt Style. Included with the Outfit is the Grenade Backpack Back Bling, perfect for battle. The Cluster Buster Pickaxe is another accessory that matches Bakugo.

Ochaco Uraraka

EN 23BR MHA Social Bundle OchacoUraraka Social

Giving up isn’t an option for Ochaco Uraraka. She’s a student in Class 1-A at U.A. High School and aims to be a Hero who can save not only citizens, but other Heroes as well. Need a lift? Included with this Outfit is the Uravity Booster Back Bling. The Uravity Smasher Pickaxe is another accessory matching Uraraka.

An All Mighty Flex!

Celebrate your Victory Royales with an All Mighty Flex via the Symbol of Peace Emote, and flex your brain with the Hero Analysis Emote.

The Izuku’s Quirk, Hero Analysis, All Might’s Transform and Symbol of Peace Emotes in action.

It’s fine now. Why? Because My Hero Academia is here!