Bouncing off the Walls is Fortnite Wild Week #3!

The Fortnite Team

Although the Fish Fiesta Wild Week has ended, Wild Weeks continue with something a bit more off-the-wall…

Live in-game now, Bouncing off the Walls defies the laws of physics for one full week. Weaken gravity’s impact on you with the more frequent Hop Floppers, and send your opponents (or your team!) flying with the more numerous Shockwave Grenades and Shockwave Bows. Also, yes: Bouncers are unvaulted!

Fortnite Bouncing off the Walls Wild Week

With the Hop Floppers and Shockwave Grenades all around, you’ll have a jumping start in this week’s Legendary Quest. And as a tip, Hop Floppers are so plentiful you can now find them in ice boxes.

Bouncing off the Walls will stay above ground until 10 AM ET on May 27, 2021, when Wild Weeks will enter a brief intermission. Chapter 2 Season 6’s final Wild Week will go live on June 3. Bounce back to our blog or social channels that week for all the info!