Build Your Ideal Champion with the Academy Champions Set in Fortnite

The Fortnite Team

Excel inside and outside the classroom — the Academy Champions Set in Fortnite includes ten customizable Outfits and over 500 million possible style combinations between them! Round out your scholarly image with the customizable 8-bit Champions Back Bling, Scholar Slashers Pickaxe, and Banner Bearer Wrap, each sold separately from the Outfits. 

The Academy Champions Set is available in the Item Shop starting now.

Class is in Session with the Academy Champions Outfits

With the visual versatility of the Academy Champions Outfits, the image below shows just some of the many ways you can customize them. Choose between clothing options for the upper body, lower body, and shoes. Perfect your look even further by changing your eye and hair color, as well as the clothes color with a variety of options in the color palette. You can even change how the Outfits are shaded, altering the appearance of each Outfit. 

Some Outfits have different upper body, lower body, and shoe customization options, so get creative with more than one! 

Fortnite Five Academy Champions Outfits

Five of the ten Academy Champions Set Outfits. Check out just some of their many possible looks. 

There are two academies — Sakura Star Academy and Honor Bound Academy. Show where your loyalty lies by selecting which emblem to put on your Outfit. (Or choose to wear no emblem and keep people guessing!)

Fortnite Sakura Star Academy Emblem And Honor Bound Academy Emblem

The Sakura Star Academy and Honor Bound Academy emblems.

8-bit Champions Back Bling: A Bit of Something to Complete Your Look

Sold separately from the Academy Champions Outfits, the 8-bit Champions Back Bling is also available in the Shop and comes with its own customization options! Select one of the ten Academy Champions in pixelated form, then personalize them even further with color options for their hair, eyes, and clothing. Create your pixelated pal’s perfect look!

You can also change the color of the Back Bling itself, change the color of its screen, and choose between three shader options. The screen will light up when you get an elimination, heal up, open a Chest, or Emote. (This reactivity can be turned off in the Locker.)

Fortnite 8 Bit Champions Back Bling

Some of the possible looks for the 8-bit Champions Back Bling. 

Slash through the Competition with the Scholar Slashers Pickaxe

Perfect for any Academy Champion, outsmart your foes with the Scholar Slashers Pickaxe. You can personalize the Pickaxe by choosing from three different shader options and a variety of available colors for “Color 1” and “Color 2.” The color you choose for Color 2 will also apply to the Pickaxe’s pixelated trail when swung.

Fortnite Scholar Claws Pickaxe

Some of the possible looks for the Scholar Slashers Pickaxe. 

Get Extra Credit with the Banner Bearer Wrap

Have your arsenal match your attire with the Banner Bearer Wrap, which changes color based on the color of your Banner.

Fortnite Banner Bearer Wrap

The Banner Bearer Wrap. 


Become a champion of the chalkboard with the Academy Champions Set!