Creators using the latest Creative High-Tech can become a Featured Map

The Fortnite Team

Hey all,

We’re sending out the call to all you Creators out there to send us your best maps using some of our latest released Fortnite Creative tech. 

We launched the new Discover menu recently and it’s been a great way to expose more maps to a wider group of players. With the introduction of the Save Point device and XL Islands we put together this post to let you know what games we’re looking for and the best way to get yourself featured. 

We will be working to make the best games created more successful through more hands-on than usual incubation and mentoring.

The Creative games we’re looking for will use the following:

  • XL Islands
  • Save Point device
  • PvP or PvE Survival mechanics (think Fortnite Save the World, Rust, Valheim)
  • Create deep goals for players to reach for either over time or within a play session
  • Matchmaking enabled, auto-start lobbies with backfill and long session lengths (i.e. server lasts two or four hours)

Map picks will be finalized the week of July 12, 2021.

What will give me the best shot at becoming a Featured Creative Map?

While it won't guarantee your map will end up featured, including design features like the following will help your map stick out in a good way:

  • Rock solid new player experience

    • Great tutorials and onboarding so that players brand new to Fortnite could be able to jump in and understand what’s happening
    • New players won’t be overwhelmed by complex mechanics, rather, gently led into deeper experiences. 
  • Deep and intuitive gameplay system(s)

    • For example, Economy systems that…
      • Let players interact with each other to become more powerful
      • Are easy to understand, but difficult to master
        • They could stay simple, or include things like crafting and trading
  • Exciting and challenging player progression 

    • Players feel rewarded for playing and improving in your game 
    • Players want to come back daily to keep working towards their goals
    • This could include mechanics like... 
      • Skill and leveling systems
      • Character unlockables and chase items (like houses, pets, or trophies)
      • Unique ways to flex your skill or prowess within your game

Why now?

Before the arrival of XL Islands, the Spatial Thermometer, and the Save Point device - survival and large open-world games were nearly impossible to build within Creative. Now, with many game changing updates in the books, we think we’re at a place to start experimenting with these types of games. 

Well thought out, deep, and creatively experimental islands are the games of the future!

How To Participate 

Submit your game in the Creative Featured Content form by July 12. Use the dropdown “Seasonal Event.”

Remember that all submissions must be original work and be sure to follow the Creative featured content guidelines.