Celebration of Women in Fortnite

The Fortnite Team

Hold onto your Battle Bus seats. From today through October 9, 2023, we’re celebrating the incredible women who make the Fortnite universe shine even brighter! 

Join us in celebrating women who redefine what it means to change the game both in-game and beyond.

Captivating Cosmetic Rewards

What’s a celebration without rewards? We’re here to shower you with a collection of in-game cosmetics!

Show off your flash and fire – be sure to check out the Item Shop on Friday, September 29 - October 9 and grab the free Heartburst Emote, Winner’s Heart Spray, Hearts Up Emoticon, Reinvention Wrap, and a free Banner Icon today!

Tune Into the Icon Radio Magic

Turn up the volume and let the beat of Icon Radio carry you away! From September 26 to October 17, our in-game radio will feature artists who are women on our Celebrating Women 2023’s Icon Radio station. MsAshRocks, a dedicated community member and content creator, will serenade you with empowering tunes from top female artists.

Discover the Power of Women-Created Islands

But wait, there’s more – we’re taking this celebration further by showcasing islands created by the fierce and talented women of the Fortnite community!

Dive into these unique realms crafted by women who are Fortnite creators themselves. Brace yourself for an adventure that’s all about exploration, conquering challenges, and igniting your own creativity as you step foot on these incredible islands! These islands can be seen in Epic’s Picks over the course of Celebrating Women 2023. The following islands will be featured:

Assemble your friends, embrace your passions, and join us in the celebration of the wonderful women who shape the world of Fortnite from September 29 to October 9.