Changes Coming to Fortnite Save the World’s Daily Reward System in v25.10

The Fortnite Team

Hi Commanders,

With the release of Fortnite’s v25.10 update we’ll be making a significant change to the reward systems in Save the World.  We’ll be removing the Daily Login Rewards, and shuffling those rewards to other sources — most notably Daily Quests and Mission Alerts. 

As players reach higher difficulty levels in Save the World, we want to make sure everyone finds the reward system valuable. Our goal is to make it so that finishing a single Daily Quest and Mission Alert makes up for the removal of Daily Login Rewards. We recognize that finishing a Daily Quest and Mission Alert requires more time and effort than just logging in.

Daily Quests: V-Bucks, X-Ray Tickets, and Gold

In v25.10, we’ll be taking the amount of V-Bucks and Tickets that can be earned in the current system, dividing it up to get a daily value, and adding that amount to the existing Daily Quest rewards. As a result, each Daily Quest will now give 30 additional X-Ray Tickets upon completion, plus 30 additional V-Bucks for Founders. 

If you complete one Daily Quest each time you log in, you will be able to earn in-game currency at the same rate as before this change, and since you can bank up to three Daily Quests players who log in less frequently can now complete those to make up for missing a couple of days.

Daily Login Rewards also include a small allotment of Gold, so we’ll be increasing the Gold awarded by Daily Quests by 10 Gold per quest. Over time, the amount of Gold awarded by Daily Quests should add up to several times more than what is offered from Daily Login Rewards.  

To accommodate this Gold change, we’ll be increasing the quantity of resources available for sale in the Weekly Store, as we know our more experienced players would appreciate more things to spend their Gold on.

Daily Founders Llamas

The Founders Packs sold before July 2020 included Upgrade Llamas and Founders Llamas that were granted once each day through the Daily Login Rewards screen. If any of these remain unused on your account, they’ll all be granted to you immediately the next time you log into Save the World.

Mission Alerts

Daily Login Rewards are also a source of Schematics, Heroes, Defenders, Survivors, and Evolution Materials. To compensate for this source being removed, we’ll be making some improvements in v25.10 to the items awarded by Mini-Boss Mission Alerts.

For Mini-Boss Mission Alerts, we’ll be increasing the average rarity of the reward items, and significantly upping the quantity of rewards by adding a chance for Mini-Boss Mission Alerts to grant a second bonus reward of the same type and rarity. Alerts that grant Mini-Llamas will also have a chance to grant a higher quantity of Mini-Llamas, or to replace the Mini-Llama with an Upgrade Llama. 

Another major change we’ll be making to Mission Alerts is to give all the Storm Alerts on the map a chance to grant items and Llamas, instead of always rewarding Evolution and Perk Materials. This includes the rarity increases and bonus items described above, and should significantly reduce the “reward gap” between the Storm Venture Seasons and Mini-Boss Venture Seasons. 

Since this change will mean fewer Evolution Materials available on the map, we’ll be increasing the quantity of Evolution Materials earned when you complete a Storm Alert.

Note that the chance to get X-Ray Tickets (and V-Bucks for Founders) from Mission Alerts is not being affected by these changes in any way.

Overall, our goal with Mission Alerts is that when you survey the Mission Alerts in your zone map, you should be able to pick up a reward equally valuable (or more valuable) than what the Daily Login Reward would have been, especially for late-game players who no longer need the lower-rarity items currently found in the Daily Login Rewards.

Early Campaign Quests

The early part of the Daily Login Reward track has a lot of items to help new players get a jump-start on their collections of Schematics and Heroes. While the changes to Mission Alerts should make up for this loss, we’ve also decided to add some Rare-, Epic-, and Legendary-rarity items to the Campaign Quests in Stonewood and Plankerton. 

If you have already completed these Quests, the new rewards will arrive in a gift box the next time you log into Save the World.

Endurance Daily Quests

While working on these reward changes, we also decided to take a look at Daily Quests for Storm Shield Endurance. 

These Quests were added so we could award Battle Royale Battle Pass XP for your first Endurance Mission each day, but they lack any Save the World-specific rewards. This’ll be addressed in v25.10 — they will start giving Evolution Materials, Perk Materials, and Gold upon completion (in addition to the Battle Pass XP they already grant).


We thank you for reading, and will be listening to your feedback on these changes. Stay tuned for our v25.10 Homebase Status Report for the gameplay updates in Fortnite v25.10.