Changes to Save the World Store and Llama Shop

The Fortnite Team

With the release of update v20.00, we are making a significant shift to the items available for purchase in Save the World. Save the World will no longer sell Llamas (Upgrade, People, Hero, etc), gameplay-affecting items, or items that accelerate your progression through the game for V-Bucks or real-world currency. These changes bring Save the World into closer alignment with Battle Royale, where cosmetics do not give any competitive advantage over players who choose not to pay.

What’s changing exactly?

  • Starter packs that include Save the World access will no longer include a Hero or any X-Ray Tickets. They will still include cosmetic items (Outfit, Back Bling, and Pickaxe), and their challenges will grant an additional 500 V-Bucks (for 1500 total).
    • The Mecha-Pop Pack will be the first one to use this new format.
  • Llamas will no longer be purchased with V-Bucks. They will still be available, but will be acquired with X-Ray Tickets earned in-game from Mission Alerts, Daily Quests, etc.
  • Non-Founders will continue to earn X-Ray Tickets as they do today.
  • Founders will begin earning X-Ray Tickets in addition to the V-Bucks they already earn.
  • The Stonewood campaign quests will grant additional Llamas and X-Ray Tickets to ease the early progression for new players.
    • Players who have already finished these quests will receive a gift box containing the new quest rewards.
  • Recovering items from the collection book will now cost an in-game currency (Flux) instead of V-Bucks.

Does this change how Save the World is purchased/accessed?

  • No. Save the World will remain a paid offering, access will still be sold via starter packs that include Save the World, and the price point of those packs is not changing.

What about the items I’ve already purchased/collected?

  • Your collection of items is not being affected in any way by this change.
  • This change will not reduce your ability to earn or upgrade gameplay-affecting items through play.