Chica Eggs-cites the Crowd in the Fortnite Icon Series

The Fortnite Team

Attention, pollos: Chica is the next community creator joining the Icon Series! Chica’s Icon Series Set will be available in the Item Shop starting Saturday, May 7, 2022, at 8 PM ET. For those who want to hatch her Outfit and Back Bling early, you can compete in the Chica Cup on Thursday, May 5, for a chance to unlock these items plus a special Spray!

Chica Set: Be a Star of the Squad

The Chica Outfit has five different Styles. ⭐ As well as the default Style, these are the Prismatic Streak Style, Royale Streak Style, Shades Style, and Hunter Mask Style.

Fortnite Chica Outfit and Prismatic Streak and Royale Streak Styles

Chica Outfit default Style, Prismatic Streak Style, and Royale Streak Style.

Included with the Chica Outfit is the Chica's Star Back Bling, which has the Royale Streak alt Style like the Outfit!

Fortnite Chica's Star Back Bling

Also coming to the Item Shop, pick up the Aida's Edge Pickaxe and swing on with love and joy. This has the Royale Streak alt Style too. 👍

Fortnite Aida's Edge Pickaxe

And when you’re unsure of your next step in battle, “wing” it with The Pollo Dance Emote:

Chica Cup: Competitors of a Feather

Take a crack at the Chica Cup happening Thursday, May 5. In this Zero Build Duos Cup, compete for a chance to unlock the Chica Outfit and Chica’s Star Back Bling before they hit the Item Shop. Also, all players who earn at least eight points will unlock the Chica Was Here Spray!

Fortnite Chica Cup

Play up to ten matches within your region’s three-hour time window. Specific event timing for each region can be found in the Compete tab in-game. 

Fortnite Chica Was Here Spray

The Chica Was Here Spray.

Scoring in the tournament will work as follows:

Match Placement

Victory Royale: 25 Points
2nd: 22 Points
3rd: 20 Points
4th: 18 Points
5th: 17 Points
6th: 16 Points
7th: 15 Points
8th: 14 Points
9th: 13 Points
10th: 12 Points
11th: 11 Points
12th: 10 Points
13th: 9 Points
14th: 8 Points
15th: 7 Points
16th: 6 Points
17th: 5 Points
18th - 19th: 4 Points
20th - 21st: 3 Points
22nd - 23rd: 2 Points
24th - 25th: 1 Point

Each Elimination

1 Point

Players must have 2FA enabled and verified on their Epic account to participate, as well as be at account level 50 or above. (You can find your account level in Fortnite’s “Career” tab.) For full details and eligibility requirements, please see the Chica Cup Official Rules page.

Unlock the Pollito Spray While Watching Streams!


Due to an error, the Pollito Spray will no longer be available as a Twitch Drop reward.

Instead, during the week of Monday, May 9, we’ll be granting the Pollito Spray to all players who've played in at least one match in the Chica Cup or tested their skill in Chica's Fun Run.

To celebrate Chica’s Icon Series arrival, unlock the Pollito Spray just by watching your favorite Fortnite streamers! All viewers who watch one hour cumulative of Fortnite on Twitch from May 6 at 10 AM ET to May 8 at 10 PM ET will unlock the Spray. Make sure your Epic and Twitch accounts are linked to claim this Twitch drop.

Fortnite Pollito Spray

Be a Shooting Star in Chica’s Fun Run

As pollos are well aware, not even Chica’s immune from the threat of fall damage. In the Chica’s Fun Run Creative Island, made by creator team KyberCreative, “soar” through an obstacle course that involves a whole lot of falling. The Island code for this experience is 8432-7199-6378!

Fortnite Chica's Fun Run

Rule the roost with the upcoming Chica Set!