Combat Pro for Fortnite Save the World

Combat Pro for Fortnite Save the World

The Fortnite Team

We’re proud to present the Combat Pro control scheme for Save the World!  Here are the PS4 & Xbox One images (explanation below):

PS4 Combat Pro Combat Controls for Fortnite

PS4 Combat Pro Build Controls for Fortnite

Xbox One Combat Pro Combat Controls for Fortnite

Xbox One Combat Pro Build Controls for Fortnite

Why Combat Pro?

For those of you who have been playing Battle Royale as well as Save the World, you've probably seen that the default control schemes are significantly different.  One of the critical features in Combat Pro is switching weapons and building pieces on the controller bumpers.

In Save the World, the typical control schemes require the player to let go of the aim stick to press (Triangle or Y) to switch weapons or building types.  Now, since players won’t have to remove their fingers from the movement and aim sticks, Combat Pro for Save the World will allow players to stay in the fight while selecting what they’re using next.

It’s also critical for players to be able to use their hero-specific abilities amidst combat.  For example, it’s critical to Ninjas that they be able to use Shurikens and Dragon Slash in battle. To preserve the ease of activating hero abilities, they all use one of the bumpers in combination with the opposite bumper or trigger.  Those three combinations are easy to press since they don’t require the player to press both a bumper and trigger using the same hand.  Since you can press and hold the bumper before pressing the opposite button, it should be easy to use any ability without accidentally switching weapons, zooming, or firing.

One other small advantage of the new control scheme is that you can tap (Triangle or Y) in either mode to toggle to your harvesting tool, rather than having to hold it.  And tapping (Triangle or Y) on the harvesting tool switches back to your last weapon for a fast way to re-enter combat.

If you want to use the new control scheme, select Save the World, then go to the Settings menu and choose the Controller tab.  You can switch the Configuration to Combat Pro to give it a try.

We hope you enjoy this control scheme! Please give us feedback as we want to iterate and improve this over time.