Complete a Fortnite Item Collection on Twitch and Get a Loading Screen!

The Fortnite Team

Are you on the light side or dark side?

For the Star Wars celebration in Fortnite, our new Twitch extension “Choose Your Side” is now available. If you follow Fortnite content creators, be on the lookout for Fortnite items appearing on participating creators’ streams! Complete your item collection on Twitch to earn the Galaxies Collide Loading Screen in Fortnite:

Galaxies Collide Loading Screen

If you find enough items, you can take part in a Star Wars-style Takeover on another participating channel!

How to Search for Fortnite Items and Get the Loading Screen

To get started, check out the Twitch stream of any participating creator. If the creator has enabled the extension, catch different Fortnite items* by clicking on them during the stream! 

*The items you catch on the stream are only visual and will not appear in your Fortnite Locker.

Be quick: you only have a limited time to click and catch the items, otherwise they’ll disappear and you’ll need to wait for them to show up again! You can see a list of all the items you’ve caught in the Collection tab of the extension. Once you complete your collection on Twitch, you’ll be rewarded with the Galaxies Collide Loading Screen in Fortnite! 

Make sure you’re logged in with your Twitch profile and have linked your Epic account** for us to send the reward. Also, just by linking your Twitch and Epic accounts, you’ll earn the Growling Chewbacca Emoticon

**Linking can take up to 60 minutes to process.

Growling Chewbacca Emoticon

The Galaxies Collide Loading Screen and Growling Chewbacca Emoticon will be granted directly to your linked Epic account within 30 days or such other time as reasonably required by Epic for this grant. Please note that this Loading Screen and Emoticon may be available for purchase in the Fortnite Shop at a later date.

There’s also the Leaderboard tab in the extension — which tracks the number of items you’ve collected. The leading participants will appear at the top of the list, and you can see your own placement below the “Channel Leaderboard” or “Global Leaderboard” button. 

The Channel leaderboard shows participants for the channel you’re currently watching, while the Global leaderboard shows participants across all participating channels. You can appear on the Channel leaderboard for as many channels as you’d like — so get out there and catch those items! Please note that the Channel and Global leaderboards may update with a delay.

Choose Your Side’s Fortnite items will be yours to catch until May 14, 2024, at 3 PM ET!

What’s a Takeover? 

When a channel’s community collects a certain number of items total, the creator can choose another channel that has the Choose Your Side extension enabled to initiate a Takeover. The selected channel will find itself bursting with Fortnite items for the channel’s community to click on! That community can stop the Takeover faster by hitting the :[ChewyYaY]: Twitch emote in the chat. After enough :[ChewyYaY]:, the Takeover will end! 

How to initiate a Takeover as a creator?

  1. Click on your Twitch profile icon in the upper-right corner.

  2. Click on Video Producer.

  3. Click on Stream Manager in the left menu.

  4. Click on the grey tile with the puzzle piece on it. If you don’t see the tile, make sure to reload the page.

  5. This will open the streamer panel, where (once enough items are collected on your channel) you can trigger a Takeover and see the Takeover history.

Whether light side or dark side, find Fortnite items and take over the Twitch galaxy.

How to Find the Fortnite: Choose Your Side Extension

As a Viewer

  1. Find a creator that has the extension enabled within the Fortnite category on Twitch.

  2. Click on the video screen, check the left side, click the F icon, grant access to your Twitch account, then link your Epic account to get the Growling Chewbacca Emoticon.

  3. When a Fortnite item pops up on the video screen, click on it! Keep doing this for other Fortnite items you see. 

  4. Collect all the items to get the Galaxies Collide Loading Screen.

As a Creator

  1. Go to the Creator Dashboard on Twitch, then select the Extensions tab.

  2. Install the "Fortnite: Choose Your Side" Fortnite extension.

  3. Set it to overlay 1. (If you have another extension set to overlay 1, you'll have to replace that one.)

  4. Make sure you have "Fortnite" as the category you're streaming.