Complete Fortnite Horde Rush Quests for the Pickle Rick Back Bling!

The Fortnite Team

Even though Fortnitemares 2022 is over, Zero Build Horde Rush remains until November 15 (when downtime for v22.40 begins). As previously announced, post-Fortnitemares Horde Rush Quests have arrived! Complete each Horde Rush Quest for XP, and complete eight of the Quests to unlock the Pickle Rick Back Bling.

Fortnite Zero Build Horde Rush Pickle Rick

Boom, big reveal.

The Horde Rush Quests are available until November 15, 2022, at 2 AM ET, and can be found on the Quests page. New to Horde Rush? With your teammates, take down hordes of Cube Monsters, collect score multipliers, earn combos, survive at different locations, and take down the Final Boss. In the current Zero Build Horde Rush, do all this without the aid of building…

Your appointment with the Cube Monsters continues!

Please note that the Pickle Rick Back Bling is not exclusive to the Horde Rush Quests, as the Back Bling may become purchasable in the Item Shop at a later date.