Complete the New “Play Your Way” Quests in Fortnite for XP and More Rewards!

The Fortnite Team

Battle Royale and Zero Build aren’t the only places to earn XP towards your Battle Pass! Celebrate playing your way by completing Play Your Way Quests in six creator-made games. Not only does each Quest reward XP, but completing certain amounts of Quests will unlock themed cosmetics! The Play Your Way Quests are available until September 6, 2022, at 8 AM ET

Play Your Way Rewards

Fortnite Play Your Way Quests Cosmetic Rewards 1

You’ll earn XP with each Play Your Way Quest you complete. By completing certain amounts of these Quests, you’ll unlock themed cosmetics!

  • 5 total Play Your Way Quests completed:

    • Brite Boarder Style of the Back Board Back Bling

    • Taco Takeoff Loading Screen

  • 7 total Play Your Way Quests completed:

    • Cuddle Kickflip Style of the Back Board Back Bling

    • The Cuddle Team Loading Screen

  • 9 total Play Your Way Quests completed:

    • Goofy Fin Style of the Back Board Back Bling

    • Above the Clouds Wrap

  • 11 total Play Your Way Quests completed:

    • Llamasploded Style of the Back Board Back Bling

    • Kaleido-Crusher Pickaxe

Fortnite Play Your Way Quests Cosmetic Rewards 2

Play Your Way Games & Quests

Preview all six games and their associated Quests below! All six games can be found in Fortnite in the Discover screen (in the “Play Your Way” row), and the Quests can be found in the “Play Your Way” section on the Quests page.

Escape The World Parkour 🌎

Fortnite Escape The World Parkour

Creator: Devan_Studios
Island Name & Code: Escape The World Parkour 6831-5416-6480
Genre(s): Parkour

Details from Creator:

🌎Parkour through different biomes from everywhere in the world🌎 

⭐Parkour/Mantling/Climbing Enabled⭐

Associated Quests:

Complete 3 Biomes in Escape the World Parkour

Complete Escape the World Parkour

Monster Wars

Fortnite Monster Wars

Creator: Mastiff
Island Name & Code: Monster Wars 4164-3090-6037
Genre(s): Tactical Defense

Details from Creator:

🤝4 Teams 
🛠Upgrade your base 

Associated Quests:

Spend 750 Gold in Monster Wars

Outlive 3 Monsters in Monster Wars

Frozst Survival

Fortnite Frozst Survival

Creator: Sawyer
Island Name & Code: Frozst Survival 2228-7588-2382
Genre(s): Zombies / Guns / Shooting

Details from Creator:

1-4 players per party

Recommended: 3-4 players in a party

How Long Can You or Your Squad Survive Nature's Frozen Horde?

Associated Quests:

Reach Level 20 in Frozst Survival

Deal 10,000 damage in under 10 seconds in Frozst Survival

Go GOATED! Zone Wars

Fortnite Go GOATED! Zone Wars

Creator: TheBoyDilly
Island Name & Code: Go GOATED! Zone Wars 3305-1551-7747
Genre(s): Zone Wars / Building / Shooting

Details from Creator: 

🐐 4 Teams Battle 🐐 
🌀 Classic Zone Wars Game 🌀 
👥Select Your Team👥 
💾 Eliminations Save 💾 
🛡️ Respawn Currently Disabled 🛡

Associated Quests:

Destroy 50 structures in Go GOATED!

Deal 5,000 damage in Go GOATED!

One Shot Gun Game

Fortnite One Shot Gun Game

Creator: Smurff
Island Name & Code: One Shot Gun Game 0345-9115-1287
Genre(s): Gun Game

Details from Creator:

Eliminate an enemy to cycle to the next weapon. Cycle through 55 weapons to win the round! Everyone has 1 Health so TAKE COVER & PLAY SMART

Associated Quests:

Eliminate 3 Opponents without being eliminated in One Shot Gun Game 5 times

Eliminate 55 Opponents in One Shot Gun Game

Rainbow Crossroads

Fortnite Rainbow Crossroads

Creator: 3DLab
Island Name & Code: Rainbow Crossroads 0487-8528-5944
Genre(s): Minigame

Details from Creator:

:sparkles: The place to be!
:beach_with_umbrella: Chill out by the beach
:video_game: Play fun minigames
:dancer: Pose at the Fortography studio
:smiling_face_with_3_hearts: Celebrate your style & have fun!

Associated Quests:

Complete 5 Achievements at Rainbow Crossroads

Complete 10 Achievements at Rainbow Crossroads

Throw 20 paint around at Rainbow Crossroads

Play your way while Kaleido-crushing Quests in the process!