Connect Your Epic and LEGO Accounts, Get a Free Fortnite Outfit!

The Fortnite Team

LEGO® Fortnite is here! Start your LEGO Fortnite journey with the Explorer Emilie Outfit, which you can unlock for free by connecting your Epic Games and LEGO accounts together.

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LEGO Fortnite

Heads-up! Connecting your Epic and LEGO accounts together is NOT required to play LEGO Fortnite.

Cool Things About Connecting Your Accounts

When your Epic and LEGO accounts are connected, they “speak to” each other to give you benefits:

  • If you connect your Epic and LEGO accounts together, you’ll unlock the new Explorer Emilie Outfit in Fortnite! This Outfit has a LEGO Style and Fortnite Style.

  • For LEGO Insiders Club members, you'll be able to customize and equip your LEGO Insiders Club avatar with the Explorer Emilie Outfit (LEGO Style version) – plus claim an exclusive badge! For more kids benefits, look here:

  • You’ll be able to sign into your Epic account with your LEGO account.

Fortnite Explorer Emilie Outfit LEGO Style

LEGO Style of the Explorer Emilie Outfit.

How to Connect Your Accounts and Get the Explorer Emilie Outfit

Want to connect your Epic and LEGO accounts? Start the process with these simple steps!

  1. Sign into your Epic account. (You can do this from

  2. On your Account page, go to Apps and Accounts. (If you’re already signed in, go straight to Apps and Accounts!)

  3. Click “Connect” on the LEGO Account option. You’ll be directed to the LEGO website to continue the process.

After connecting your Epic and LEGO accounts together, you’ll receive a gift box in Fortnite containing the Explorer Emilie Outfit!

Heads-up! You can only unlock the Outfit reward by starting the process from or Apps and Accounts.

Explorer Emilie Outfit Fortnite Style

The Fortnite Style of the Explorer Emilie Outfit.

Connect your accounts, connect some bricks — the world is yours to build in LEGO Fortnite.

Offer open to anyone with an Epic Games account. By connecting your Epic Games account to an account on, and making a LEGO account, you will receive an in-game Outfit with both the Fortnite Style and LEGO® Style. By creating a LEGO account, you are confirming you understand and agree to the LEGO Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies. OFFER APPLIES ONLY TO THE EXTENT AUTHORIZED BY APPLICABLE LAW; FURTHER ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS MAY APPLY. Currently not available in Belarus, The People's Republic of China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russia, or Syria. For users in Bahrain, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Qatar, account linking will need to be initiated from in order to properly link and receive the in-game Outfit with both the Fortnite Style and LEGO® Style. Achievement may be available for purchase and/or as giveaway(s) separately at any time. All inquiries should be directed to LEGO © 2023 rights reserved. Final content and release dates subject to change.