Creative Content Video Submission Tips

Fortnite Developer Relations

Creative Content Video Submission Tips

Hi there! Below is a set of quick hints and tips to help you understand what we’re looking for in a Creative Content submission video: (and what we aren’t)

Make sure your creation is in line with the Featured Island Guidelines. Please review the guidelines for featured islands before you create a video for your island. They are located here: If your island doesn’t meet the guidelines, please edit before creating your video.

We don’t need a trailer. The video should not be a trailer, rather it should demonstrate that your island meets the Featured Island Guidelines, illustrate how users will experience your island and include all the details we included in these video submission tips.

Trailers are great for getting players enthusiastic about your map and the music and fast action cuts can really hype the sense of excitement that players will feel, but they very often don’t give us the information we need to assess your map. If you happen to have a trailer for your map, great, feel free to include it, but don’t make it Media Link #1 unless you’re sure it gives the best representation of your map.
  • Keep it simple.
    • A few questions we’re looking to answer when reviewing your video:
      • What does the player see when they first enter the game?
      • How does the game start and what is the initial experience?
      • How does the map flow from one area to the next?
      • What are the most impressive or unique parts of your map that we really need to see to understand why it’s special?
    • If it’s a PvP map:
      • Show the sightlines in different areas.
      • Show what it’s like to navigate around the map.
      • If it’s objective-based, show the routes to the objectives, or areas between enemy bases.
      • Run around as though you were actually playing.
      • Include multiplayer footage if it helps, but record it from a player perspective unless you really need a different view to convey what’s happening.
    • If it’s a solo or adventure map:
      • Give a sense of the atmosphere.
      • Run through the starting area and then any specific sections you think we should see.
      • Don’t worry about giving away spoilers. Spoilers are good for submissions. You can keep your video hidden from public view if you have spoilers.
      • Include any easter eggs or secret areas. We need to see the content that users experience.
    • If it’s a deathrun or parkour map:
      • Demonstrate getting past the initial level and then any specific levels or areas you think we should see.
      • Demonstrate the difficulty curve.
      • Demonstrate getting past any parts that look really impossible.
    • Run around in-character for the majority of the video, and maybe add in a fly-through to give an overall view.
    • Use simple overlay text to explain anything you think isn’t obvious or that needs some context.
    • Don’t include music unless it’s in-game music that players are going to hear.
    • Be careful with your cuts between scenes, give us a chance to absorb what we’re seeing and figure out how it fits into the overall context of the map.
    • Keep it short. Videos should be no more than 3 minutes long.
After you're done, head over to the Featured Island Guidelines to read the submission rules and follow the link at the bottom to the Creative Content Submission form!