Fortnite Music Creator Callout

Dance Your Way into Fortnite’s Creator-Made Musical Experiences

The Fortnite Team

Fortnite Music Creator Callout

Every day’s a good day to relax to some vibin’ beats with friends! 

April’s Creative Callout challenged creators to submit the most engaging music experiences possible using a selection of new songs and music videos. 

Some of the best are now available for everyone to experience in the Soundchecks row in Discover! Read below to get a taste of what each island is, as explained by the creators themselves. Also, click on the island code to be taken to a webpage where you can add the island to your own playlist row in-game! 

Multiworld Party by Wiskstars

Fortnite Multiworld Party 8307 6457 7704 By Wiskstars

“Multiworld Party is a brand new way to enjoy an interactive concert within Fortnite Creative. It's very exciting to be able to assist adventures like this, with totally new worlds, new friends, music timed to the second, surprising, and unique moments, but most of all, to see the unimaginable capabilities that Creative Mode offers. Creative Mode is the future !” 

- Wiskstars

Island code: Multiworld Party 8307-6457-7704

Rhythm's Music Callout by Team Rhythm

Fortnite Rhythms Music Callout 6262 4810 2160 By Team Rhythm

“Venture through the feeling of music in this multiverse of a world made up of deep jungles and sherbert-colored skies. Collect coins to compete with others and vibe to the sensations around you.”

- Team Rhythm

Island code: Rhythm's Music Callout 6262-4810-2160

Martinie's Music Tour by martinegames

Fortnite Martinies Music Tour 4409 7429 3308 By Martinegames

“It's been really exciting working with the video player. It's been a really different experience building a live concert for players to enjoy [rather] than making an experience focused on combat. Thinking of cool ideas for the music experience was really fun to do! Using the videos provided, I made each section themed around [the callout] and [made] sure I still got a lot of gameplay and interactions for players to enjoy … while watching the videos.”

- Martinie

Island code: Martinie's Music Tour 4409-7429-3308

Richimpulse Musical Journey by RICHIMPULSE

Fortnite Richimpulse Musical Journey 5201 2706 9165 By Richimpulse

“My musical journey is an expression of the freedom to go where music takes you! From a futuristic oasis with low gravity and lasers, to the rainy street parade that leads you into the clouds and to rifting realities in the theatre and beyond!

This project is a reflection of the freedom I felt when creating an experience led by the music. It was a great experience to work on and I hope you enjoy it too.”


Island code: Richimpulse Musical Journey 5201-2706-9165

Musical Adventure by duofreeper

Fortnite Musical Adventure 7494 3305 8804 By Duofreeper

“Dive into a musical adventure in the sky, hosted by aliens from out of this world! Let the beat guide you as you sprint, explode, slide, shoot, and fly your way through! Travel through the desert, deep mines, an unknown and magical forest, [and] jump over logs and over entire buildings until you reach the clouds and fly all the way back home!”

- duofreeper


Island code: Musical Adventure 7494-3305-8804

Prismatic Planet: Maestro Shark by Maestro Shark

Fortnite Maestro Shark 2784 7810 1380 By Maestro Shark

“My experience is about unique realms of color and their connection through music, indicated by the blossoming centerpiece in each level. With an open-world concept, players are encouraged to create their own paths, discovering secrets and entertainment along every turn.” 

- Maestro Shark


Island code: Prismatic Planet: Maestro Shark 2784-7810-1380



Fortnite Jalf Party 1598 8777 2813 By Jalf


"Music through universes and emotions." My map takes players to different universes and times depending on the music. Galaxy, Volcano, Desert, Saloon, Mine, and Temple. They then experience different emotions all along … the adventure.”

- Jalf

Island code: JALF PARTY 1598-8777-2813

Centre Stage-A Fortnite Music Experience by Charlie_P

Fortnite Centre Stage A Fortnite Music Experience 1235 6398 4009 By Charlie P

“Enjoy a variety of musical experiences from all different lands with your friends.”

- Charlie_P

Island code: Centre Stage-A Fortnite Music Experience 1235-6398-4009


Fortnite Dj Jonesy Musicevent 0546 0913 7085 By Jxrdan1953

“In my music experience, players encounter varied backdrops and action-packed activities. Players enter a world that is also represented in the video. In addition, the Music Event convinces with unique design! All this and much more can be experienced in DJ JONESY/MUSICEVENT! I have used many new devices to show what is possible in Fortnite Creative.”

- jxrdan1953

Island code: DJ JONESY/MUSICEVENT 0546-0913-7085 

Melody Oasis: Music Experience by Enigma

Fortnite Melody Oasis Music Experience 7046 3012 9529 By Enigma

“Melody Oasis is a next-generation musical experience that's set in the middle of the Nevada desert. Enter the concert via cable car and make your way to the stage for an unforgettable show. This experience uses advanced mechanics for tightly timed effects that go with the music. Melody Oasis is a journey filled with fireworks, meteors, animals, and much more and it's one you'll be sure to remember!”


Island code: Melody Oasis: Music Experience 7046-3012-9529

Cyberlands by CyberJaz


Fortnite Cyberlands 9514 8142 1549 By Cyberjaz


“A malfunctioning teleportation device creates an unstable rift causing players to experience different musical settings across space called cyberlands.”


Island code: Cyberlands 9514-8142-1549

Toon Royale by CreativeNite


Fortnite Toon Royale 4892 6335 1934 By Creativenite


Party along with up to eight of your friends (and Toon Meowscles) to enjoy four songs in this musical experience.

Island code: Toon Royale 4892-6335-1934

Senix's Music Level Experience by Senix

Fortnite Senixs Music Level Experience 4287 0618 5604 By Senix


“Dive into the ultimate music experience and explore the forbidden jungle, jump on the rooftops in the big city, or experience an intense western shootout!”

- Senix

Island code: Senix's Music Level Experience 4287-0618-5604

Party Plane by HassanFTN

Fortnite Party Plane 5663 9580 1823 By Hassanftn

“Enter the party plane with your friends and have fun in the air. Live the unique experience of partying on a TV set. With all the different themes, you are sure to never get bored.”

- HassanFTN

Island code: Party Plane 5663-9580-1823

The Xperience by laabouds

Fortnite The Xperience 1349 1866 2664 By Laabouds

"The aliens have taken over the experience! They have chosen you to travel through five unique and highly immersive worlds!"

- Iaabouds

Island code: The Xperience 1349-1866-2664

Battle Bus Party by fhsupport

Fortnite Battle Bus Party 5374 4533 1707 By Fhsupport

“Party at the Battle Bus in a summer-themed environment and show off your surfboard tricks.”

- fhsupport

Island code:Battle Bus Party 5374-4533-1707


Fortnite Toon Takeover Show 2022 6388 6024 7734 By Abush

Dance your way through this experience with up to 16 friends. Discover the musical secrets hidden below the unassuming cabin.

Island code:TOON TAKEOVER SHOW 2022 6388-6024-7734  


Fortnite Jonseys Party 4052 1674 6428 By Raff


Come for the party, stay for the after-party! Once you've danced your way through the musical experience, arm yourself up and head to the after-party PvP experience! 

Island code: JONSEY’S PARTY 4052-1674-6428