Drop In with the Fortnite Transformers Pack Starting October 2023!

The Fortnite Team

Roll out, Rise up, or Beep Beep with the Fortnite Transformers Pack! Physical copies of this Pack will roll out at retail starting October 13, and digital copies will be available in digital stores starting October 21. This new Pack includes:

  • 3 New Outfits

  • 3 New Back Blings

  • 3 New Pickaxes

  • 2 New Emotes

  • 1,000 V-Bucks

Fortnite Transformers Pack

Transformers Pack Contents

Bumblebee Outfit and Accessories

Bumblebee Outfit: The best Autobot friend any human could have.

Bumblebee's Wings Back Bling: Flight of the Bumblebee.

Stinger Sword Pickaxe: Feel the Sting. (Has the built-in Battle Ready Emote.)

Fortnite Bumblebee Outfit and Accessories

Megatron Outfit and Accessories

Megatron Outfit: True power is not earned. It is taken!

Decepticon Emblem Back Bling: Decepticons Attack!

Energon Mace Pickaxe: Wield this mace fueled with Energon. (Has the built-in Fusion Cannon Emote.)

Fortnite Megatron Outfit and Accessories

Fortnite BattleBus Outfit and Accessories

The Fortnite Battle Bus is not an official Transformers character, but that doesn’t mean it can’t get in on the fun too:

Fortnite BattleBus Outfit And Accessories

Fortnite BattleBus Outfit: Beep! Beep! See you on the… me?

Bot Air Balloon Back Bling: From bus stops to hot drops.

Pick Axle Pickaxe: Dropping players in a whole new way.

1,000 V-Bucks

Fortnite Transformers Pack V-Bucks

Put these V-Bucks towards Outfits, Emotes, and more in the Item Shop!

Transformers Pack Availability

Physical copies of the Transformers Pack will be available at gaming retailers for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Digital copies will be available from console storefronts or the Epic Games Store. You’ll also be able to purchase digitally from the Fortnite Item Shop. The Transformers Pack will be available for $24.99 USD (not including tax, if applicable). Regional pricing may differ.

Roll out a new look in Fortnite this October!