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EA Patch Notes 1.4.5

The Fortnite Team
Hello Everyone!

Today we are releasing an update for PC and PS4 aimed at correcting various crash fixes and improving overall game stability across all platforms. This update is scheduled for August 14 at 5:00 PM EDT. Players will need to restart Fortnite to install the patch and play. No downtime is expected. The Xbox One update will follow soon.

EA1.4.5 Release Notes

  • Corrected a few server-side crashes
  • Corrected a crash that occurred while inspecting Heroes or Defenders
  • Corrected a PS4 rendering crash
  • Corrected a few PS4 Pro out-of-memory crashes
  • Corrected an infrequent Xbox One and PC audio crash
  • Players will now see the correct score at the end of a mission
  • Patched up a number of UI-related memory leaks
  • Made a few changes to the way textures stream to Xbox One. This should reduce out of memory errors
    • This may cause textures to occasionally become blurry
    • We will continue to make improvements