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EA Patch Notes 1.4.6

The Fortnite Team
Hello Everyone!

Today we are releasing EA Patch 1.4.6 which will reduce crashes and improve stability across all platforms. We will be releasing this patch today, August 16, 2017 at approximately 3:00 PM. This time is tentative and could change. A restart of your game will be necessary to receive the update. Thank you for your continued patience and support during our Early Access period!

  • Made improvements to memory usage on Xbox One
    • This should prevent out-of-memory crashes
  • Corrected a PS4 crash caused by in game audio
  • Fixed an exploit preventing item durability loss
  • Fixed a bug which caused caches to become visible on the minimap during “Repair the Shelter”
  • Corrected an Xbox One network crash
  • Corrected an AI pathfinding server crash
  • Corrected a particle system crash
  • The Teleporter can no longer be selected via the mouse scroll wheel