EA Patch Notes 1.4.7

The Fortnite Team

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Bug Fixing

  • Improved memory usage in the skilltree
    • Aimed at reducing OOM issues
  • Fixed a server crash
  • Fixed a client crash caused by the particle system
    • Fight or Flight Perk
    • Initially intended to increase the “War Cry” ability damage buff by 15%, but it was instead increasing damage buff by 65%
      • The issue causing this has been corrected, and the Fight or Flight perk has been rebalanced to 10%


  • Adjusted the mix of mission types in Twine Peaks
    • The change is aimed at adjusting the variety of mission difficulty while work is done on additional content
  • War Cry - Ability
    • Ranged Rate of Fire reduced from 50% to 40%
    • Melee Rate of Fire reduced from 20% to 16%
    • Weapon Damage reduced from 50% to 40%
    • Rate of Fire and Damage buff effects of War Cry combine multiplicatively (you deal increased damage, and you do so more often)
      • War Cry was not initially balanced with this in mind
        • War Cry has been rebalanced to account for multiplicative Rate of Fire and Damage buff effects
        • Also adjusted with average downtime of weapon reloads in mind
  • Fight or Flight  - Perk
    • War Cry damage buff reduced from 65% from 10%
    • Fight or Flight will now increase the War Cry damage buff to 50% from 40%