Earn XP from Playing Any Island in Fortnite!

The Fortnite Team

Looking for more ways to earn XP?

Now, players can earn XP by playing any island in Fortnite, including those made with Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN)! XP from playing UEFN islands will be based on time played on these islands. The time doesn’t have to be spent playing the same island, so feel free to explore and discover.

With this XP update, you can now earn XP by playing any of the islands in the “Popular UEFN Experiences,” “Try Out UEFN,” and “New in UEFN” Discover rows. Jump in and check them out!

Earn Fortnite XP from Playing Any Fortnite Island 3

Please note, XP earned from playing islands made with UEFN will be rewarded hourly in a grant to your account. In the future, we plan to ensure UEFN islands and Creative islands can reward XP in the same way.

For you island creators reading this, this XP update is a temporary solution while we work to enable Accolades and other types of XP tools in UEFN! Please read our post on the Creator Portal

Play your way as you aim to level up and progress in the Battle Pass!