Embrace the Brighter Side of Things with the Cyber City Creator-Made Islands

The Fortnite Team

Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 4 Season 2 is here, bringing the vibrant and futuristic MEGA City with it! Want to fully immerse yourself in the neon-cyber lifestyle? Check out the Cyber City row in Discover to see some of our favorite islands from the Cyber City Callout
This Cyber City Discover row contains 30 amazing islands to jump into. As a sneak peak, here’s a preview of just five. Don’t forget to visit the Discover row in-game for the full selection! 

Cyber City Callout Island Showcase

Beyond Zero: Zombies

Beyond Zero Zombies 9122 2296 3383

Island Name & Code: Beyond Zero: Zombies 9122-2296-3383
Genre: Survival

Details from Creator
1-4 player co-op game where the goal is to survive as long as possible. Eliminate enemies for resources to aid you in your survival!

Cyber City Invaders

Cyber City Invaders 2449 0718 7828

Creator: VYSENA
Genre: Survival
Island Name & Code: Cyber City Invaders 2449-0718-7828
Details from Creator
Protect the City from the Invaders 👽 
💥 Upgrade weapons 
🧱 Build defenses 
🛠️ Place traps 
📈 Improve your character 
🧟 Survive Invader attacks

Sakura Plaza Heist

Sakura Plaza Heist 9278 2463 4170

Genre: Adventure
Island Name & Code: Sakura Plaza Heist 9278-2463-4170
Details from Creator
Infiltrate a highly secured luxury hotel in a futuristic cyber city as guests, then destroy the hotel hierarchy to take it over.


Cyber District Parkour Tag 0158 0950 8927

Genre: Party Game
Island Name & Code: CYBER DISTRICT-PARKOUR TAG🏃 0158-0950-8927
Details from Creator:  
👦 2-40 Players

🏃  Parkour Tag 

🤖 Cyber District  

📜 Abilities

👥 Teams 
😂 Unlimited Fun


2055 TDM

2055 Tdm 2666 1565 9385
Genre: Deathmatch
Island Name & Code: 2055 TDM 2666-1565-9385
Details from Creator
Welcome to 2055. Join us and battle throughout the neon city.

The future is full of MEGA possibilities — jump into the Cyber City Callout islands and see for yourself!