Fortnite Shortnitemares

Enter the Theater: Fortnitemares 2021 Brings You Shortnitemares!

The Fortnite Team

The third installment of Shortnite is here to spook, scare, fright, and delight in Fortnitemares 2021! 

Starting on October 28 at 6 PM ET and running until November 1 at 6 PM ET, Shortnitemares will be made up of seven horror-themed animated short films. 

How to Watch Shortnitemares

To watch any of the Shortnitemares films, select the “Shortnitemares” playlist and head into the Shortnitemares Theater (built by creator team Quantum Builds). 

Each film will have its own room, giving you control of which ones you watch and when you watch them. You can also choose to watch on the main screen (in the “festival room”), where all the films will be running in a loop for the duration of Shortnitemares. 

Want to watch while getting a Victory Royale? No problem. Picture-in-Picture will be available again, accessible through the settings. 

Fortnite Shortnitemares Theater

Get your Hands on Spray Matter! 

Watch Shortnitemares for 30 minutes in the Shortnitemares Theater and receive the Spray Matter Spray! View on either the main screen or in one of the Shortnitemares Theater film rooms.   

Fortnite Spray Matter Spray

Kernel Poppy Bursts into the Item Shop 

Kernel Poppy. He's a happy, buttery, lobby lad and always ready to watch a movie. Getting his seat secured, the Kernel Poppy Outfit will be available in the Item Shop beginning October 27 at 8 PM ET along side the Slurpy Slush‘em Back Bling (complete with a crazy straw) and Butter Buddy Emote

Fortnite Kernel Poppy Outfit And Slurpy Slushem Back Bling

A butter sense of the Butter Buddy Emote:

Bring some friends or watch solo, grab some popcorn, and (if you’re brave enough) turn off the lights. See you there… if you dare.