Experience Airphoria in Fortnite: The Ultimate Nike Sneakerhunt

The Fortnite Team

Calling all sneakerheads: in an improbable floating city, "Airie" has thwarted “Maxxed Out Max’s” attempt to add missing Air Max Grails to his already maxxed-out collection. Experience Airphoria in Fortnite and recover the lost Air Max Grails! Just for your help, you’ll receive the Air Max 1 '86 Back Bling.

Want more Air Max apparel in your Locker? The Airie and Maxxed Out Max Outfits are available in the Fortnite Item Shop now in the Airphoria Pack

Welcome to Airphoria

Fortnite Airphoria 1

It’s time for an airy adventure — Airphoria is a sky-high celebration of sneakerhead culture, complete with stomping (lightly) grounds like “Station 97,” “Shoebox Tower,” and “Museum Max.” Explore the city to find the missing Air Max Grails!

Fortnite Airphoria 2

Fortnite Airphoria 3

Made by a collaboration between Beyond Creative, Nike, and Epic Games — using Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN) — the Airphoria island is available now through June 27, 2023, at 8 PM ET. Access it via Discover or island code 2118-5342-7190! All players who play this island for 10 minutes or more will receive the Air Max 1 '86 Back Bling starting June 28 ET. (It may take some time for you to see the gift box containing it.)

Fortnite Air Max 1 '86 Back Bling

The most OG.

Airphoria Recommended PC Settings

  • Rendering mode: DirectX 12 (requires restart)

    • May require you to update drivers.

  • Enable Nanite Virtualized Geometry

  • Set Global Illumination to Lumen High or Lumen Epic

Max Out Your Locker with Airie and Maxxed Out Max

Get your kicks with the Airie and Maxxed Out Max Outfits available now in the Item Shop! These two Outfits are in the Airphoria Pack, which also includes the Pure Sole Boombox and Maxx Stacks Back Blings. Turn things up to max volume and rock ‘em deadstock.

Fortnite Airie and Maxxed Out Max Outfits

Style up Airie and Maxxed Out Max even more with other items in the Shop:

  • That Ice Pickaxe: Cushion the blow.

  • Maxx Axe Pickaxe: For the ultimate collector.

  • Maxx Drop Glider: Lace up in-Air.

  • Keep ‘Em Crispy Emote: Anything but cooked.

Fortnite Airie and Maxxed Out Max Accessories

The That Ice and Maxx Axe Pickaxes, Maxx Drop Glider, and Keep ‘Em Crispy Emote are available to purchase individually or via the Airphoria Gear Bundle, which additionally includes the Air Wave Emoticon, Maxx Volume Spray, and Airphoria Loading Screen:

Fortnite Air Wave Emoticon, Maxx Volume Spray, and Airphoria Loading Screen

The Airphoria Loading Screen up close:

Fortnite Airphoria Loading Screen

Eyes on the prize. Art by Sam Mackenzie.

Flex an Achievement on .SWOOSH

Players who are at least 13 years old, live in the United States, and link their Epic Games and Nike accounts between June 20 at 12 PM ET and June 27 at 8 PM ET will be able to claim an Achievement on .SWOOSH by August 8, 2023. Terms and Conditions apply. For more info, please visit: fn.gg/airphoria-swoosh-achievements

Keep your head and feet in the clouds in Airphoria 👟

Fortnite Airphoria 4