Express Yourself with “Strange Times” Fortography: Be Featured In-Game!

The Fortnite Team

Coinciding with the spirit of Balenciaga coming to Fortnite, we’re encouraging you to express yourself — and the more unexpected, the better. In fact, we’re kicking off a special, dynamic Fortography campaign! Instead of showcasing your images on our blog, we’ll be showcasing them in-game on billboards in the Strange Times Featured Hub. 

Mash up your fashion with friends or simply share a fresh perspective. Having Balenciaga gear equipped is optional — it’s all about self-expression!


In addition to screenshots, you can submit highly altered photos this time, even if it’s a Fortnite character appearing in a way we’ve never seen before. Show the world your individuality! We’ll be choosing our favorite unexpected imagery and putting your images in-game.

See if your image has been featured in this live fashion campaign by checking the billboards placed throughout the Hub! Read below for how to submit + image rules and examples:

How to Submit Your Image

Share your images by using both the #Fortography and #StrangeTimes hashtags on Twitter, and/or the Strange Times post flair on r/FortNiteBR.  

We’ll be displaying and refreshing a large selection of our favorite images in the Strange Times Hub, which goes live at 10 AM ET on September 21. Please keep in mind that we’re unable to display ALL of our favorite images, but feel free to keep submitting images until September 23 at 12 PM ET. We’ll be displaying favorites of ours until the Hub rotates out at 10 AM ET on September 28.

Want to share an image AFTER September 23 at 12 PM ET? Images submitted after this time won’t be highlighted in the Hub, but we may still retweet them from @FNCreate!

Image Rules & Guidelines

  • As always with Fortography, images should not contain any Epic display names.

  • Images should be of a 16:9 aspect ratio.

  • Any Fortnite content shown, except for in-game Balenciaga content, must’ve originated in the Fortnite universe. (No third-party intellectual properties.) When it comes to other kinds of content, these should not contain any third-party brands or logos, or content that you don’t own the rights to.

  • Images should be in line with Epic’s Content Guidelines.

  • As previously stated, having Balenciaga gear equipped is not required. Just express yourself!

Image Examples

Your images can range from a standard screenshot to something super edited, filtered, or modified. Thanks to our team at Epic, we’ve assembled some images to help inspire your creativity! These images will be featured in Hub to help as many Fortographers as possible.

Fortnite Fortography Example 1

Fortnite Fortography Example 2

Fortnite Fortography Example 3

Fortnite Fortography Example 4

Fortnite Fortography Example 5

Fortnite Fortography Example 6

This is your time to shine and to be you!