Finders Keepers: Complete “Find it in Fortnite Quests” for XP and Items!

The Fortnite Team

There’s a ton to do in Fortnite, including many genres of games to play! The new Find it in Fortnite Quests celebrate creator-made games while giving you a chance to earn XP and special Locker items. These Quests are available until March 8, 2023, at 11 AM ET — learn about the rewards and featured games below!

Find it in Fortnite, Find Some Rewards

Find it in Fortnite Quest Rewards

You’ll earn XP with each Find it in Fortnite Quest you complete. By completing certain amounts of these Quests, you’ll unlock one or more special Locker items:

  • 3 total Find it in Fortnite Quests completed:

    • Carbide Creation Emoticon

  • 6 total Find it in Fortnite Quests completed:

    • Human Wheeliam Spray

    • Squaring Off Wrap

  • 9 total Find it in Fortnite Quests completed:

    • Creativity Calls Emoticon

    • Check the Map Emote 

The Check the Map Emote is inspired by the submission from our Emote Royale 2022 contest winner, Randall Omryan!

Find it in Fortnite - Games and Quests

Here you can find a preview of all six games and see their associated Quests. All six games can be found in Fortnite’s Discover screen (in the “Find it in Fortnite” row), and the Quests can be found in the “Find it in Fortnite” section on the Quests page.

Prison Mythic Gungame

Fortnite Prison Mythic Gungame 6882-8801-3933

Creator(s): Bullseye
Island Name & Code: Prison Mythic Gungame 6882-8801-3933
Genre(s): Guns/Shooting/Gun Game

Details from Creator(s)

A classic gun game set in a ruined prison POI. First to cycle through all 25 weapons wins!

Associated Quests

Eliminate 15 Opponents in Prison Mythic Gungame

Eliminate 3 Opponents without being eliminated in Prison Mythic Gungame

Deadpines: Zombie Survival

Fortnite Deadpines: Zombie Survival 0598-1708-7538

Creator(s): Puzzler, Distortion, Skttlz, FatalFoo
Island Name & Code: Deadpines: Zombie Survival 0598-1708-7538
Genre(s): Zombies/Guns/Shooting

Details from Creator(s)

Deadpines: Zombie Survival is a rogue-lite zombie survival game for up to four players.

Associated Quests

Destroy 500 Zombies in Deadpines: Zombie Survival

Earn 10 Crystals in Deadpines: Zombie Survival

Machine War

Fortnite Machine War 5032-2578-0034

Creator(s): Zahame
Island Name & Code: Machine War 5032-2578-0034 
Genre(s): Guns/Shooting/Tactical Defense

Details from Creator(s)






Associated Quests

Earn 300 points for your team in Machine War

Eliminate 25 Opponents in Machine War

Murder Mystery | PWR

Fortnite Murder Mystery PWR 0583-5944-5318

Creator(s): PWR
Island Name & Code: Murder Mystery | PWR 0583-5944-5318
Genre(s): Mystery/Investigation

Details from Creator(s)

As the Assassin, eliminate Innocents. As the Sheriff, eliminate the Assassin. As one of the Innocents, avoid the Assassin.

Associated Quests

Collect 50 Coins in Murdery Mystery | PWR

Win 15 Rounds in Murdery Mystery | PWR


Fortnite Valhalla 0399-0154-2182

Creator(s): SvenP
Island Name & Code: Valhalla 0399-0154-2182
Genre(s): Open World

Details from Creator(s)

Open World Adventure! 🗺️🐺 

Level Up Health and Damage 🗡️ 

Explore A World of Norse Mythology 🌈🗺️ 

Loot/Craft Legendary Weapons! ✨

Associated Quests

Open 25 Chests in Valhalla

Wander the Realms in Valhalla for 30,000 distance

75 Levels Motorcycle Deathrun

Fortnite 75 Levels Motorcycle Deathrun 6562-2122-0969

Creator(s): Choupala
Island Name & Code: 75 Levels Motorcycle Deathrun 6562-2122-0969
Genre(s): Racing

Details from Creator(s)

🏍 Motorcycle Race 🏍 

🏃‍♂ Try to Race 🏃‍♂ 

💰 Gold Rewards 💰 

🍀 Checkpoints 🍀 

❤ Leaderboard ❤

Associated Quests

Reach 5 Checkpoints in 75 Level Motorcycle Deathrun

Complete 75 Level Motorcycle Deathrun

These six games are just some of the many you can find in Fortnite. Discover more for yourself after completing the Find it Fortnite Quests!