Fishing Frenzy Leaderboard - Brazil

Hey there,
Here you can find the leaderboards for the Triggerfish Presents: Fortnite Fishing Frenzy contest. These specific leaderboards are for those with the Brazil region selected in-game and they're updated once a day at 5pm UTC. Good luck to all the anglers out there!

Find more information on how to pariticpate, dates, and rules HERE.

Most Small Fry Caught
Player Name Small Fry Caught
Lukaio e Ppolion 9139
IrtusAni 6756
xx-TheTrooperBoy 5027
Sagaara16 3794
D E R P O N C E 3694
xxD-one 3149
SenhorLeoncio 2416
EdUaRdOm_007 2348
Cezar_mello 2307
Lukinha nut 2251

Most Flopper Caught
Player Name Flopper Caught
TS_Atinte13 4372
ZoeroZin_Yt 4372
Twitch_JozoIAm 3381
Avestruz_Voador 3020
ライトニングOG 2675
Pro Summyt BR 2218
Rapafe 2128
R4F43L XABLAU 2046
BlackCatG_2 1984
D E R P O N C E 1619

Most Slurpfish Caught
Player Name Slurpfish Caught
ZoeroZin_Yt 2604
TS_Atinte13 2178
Twitch_JozoIAm 1946
Pro Summyt BR 1407
ライトニングOG 1140
ArtKillerAB 883
Rapafe 854
Deathstalker773 815
Avestruz_Voador 784
D E R P O N C E 742

Most Fish Caught in a Single Match
Player Name Fish Caught in Single Match
EdUaRdOm_007 102
D E R P O N C E 102
Maslouba 94
ClebitoYT 90
EX Lucky 89
DukeVG 88
Darksis_ 86
BraigK 86
X-Zurcokleyen 85

Mythic Goldfish Caught
Player Name Mythic Goldfish Caught
AG AidkZ 1
NS_Delux War 1