Flex Your Muscle with Fortnite’s Dominus GT Bundle

The Fortnite Team

Dominate the road while Rocket League’s Dominus GT races into Fortnite! This Car Body is part of the Dominus GT Bundle available in the Shop now — personalize Dominus GT with one of six Decals and flex your muscle car in all its glory. 

If you already have Dominus GT and these Decals in Rocket League, you’ll find them waiting in your Fortnite Locker thanks to cross-game ownership

Modern Muscle Reimagined

EN 29FNECO DominusGT Social 1920x1080

Pure power with no compromise. The Dominus GT has the look and feel of everything you’d expect from a classic muscle car, with a couple of fine-tuned adjustments to make it look at home in Rocket Racing or Battle Royale. 

Ready to rule your route? The Dominus GT Bundle includes the following items:

  • Dominus GT Car Body (has 13 paint colors)

  • Flames Dominus GT Decal 

  • Protractor Dominus GT Decal 

  • Sunburst Dominus GT Decal 

  • Stripes Dominus GT Decal 

  • Techno Dominus GT Decal 

  • Wings Dominus GT Decal 

If you don’t own these items in Rocket League, you’ll own them in Rocket League after purchasing the Dominus GT Bundle in Fortnite. (Remember: despite the dominating nature of Dominus GT, Car Bodies and Decals grant no competitive advantage!)

Let the domination begin — Dominus GT drives into Fortnite starting now!