Follow the White Rabbit Set Emotes and Wrap Now Available in Fortnite!

The Fortnite Team

You may have unwrapped the Sentinel Glider as one of the Winterfest 2021 Presents, but there’s more to the Follow the White Rabbit Set. After the Glider, it wasn’t a matter of hope, but a matter of (bullet) time. The Trinity’s Kick Emote, Neo's Bullet Time Emote, and Ones and Zeros Wrap have arrived to the Fortnite Item Shop!

Haven’t unwrapped the Sentinel Glider yet? This gift item — as well as the 13 other Winterfest Presents — can be opened until Winterfest ends on January 6, 2022, at 9 AM ET.

Get Your Kicks: See the Emotes and Wrap 

Let’s get a long, slow look at the new items available. Here’s the Trinity’s Kick Emote in action:

The Neo’s Bullet Time Emote in action:

And finally, the Ones and Zeros Wrap: 

Fortnite Ones and Zeros Wrap

The rabbit hole has gotten deeper...