Fortnite Bars & Bounties in Season 5

The Fortnite Team

Bounties and Characters

In the Zero Point season, a whole range of characters can be found around the Island… and this time not all of them are hostile. Talk to them to complete Quests and walk away ten tons richer. Some Fortnite Characters and static Bounty Boards will even offer a Bounty Event for you and your party, requiring you to hunt another player before time runs out. Check the map for a hint at your target’s last known location and track them down before someone else nabs the elimination.

Got a bounty on your head? Use the Tracking meter to gauge how hot the Hunter is on your trail. Avoid being taken out for long enough and you walk away with a reward instead. Protect your targeted teammates because everyone gets paid.

Once the Bounty target is done and dusted or you’ve eluded capture, your whole party will be rewarded with a new in-game currency - Bars!

Stacks Of Fortnite Bars


Living the 24K Life With Fortnite Bars

Bars are a new persistent currency found throughout the Island. Dig up bars from behind the couch, loot it from safes, or pluck it off fallen enemies. 

The most lucrative way to rack up Bars? Bounties. Complete these contracts for Characters and get paid. What you earn will carry on with you match to match. Save up your haul between matches or splurge on a decked-out weapon when you need it most! 

Note that Bars are not a paid currency. The only way to earn them is from in-game activities, Character challenges, and gameplay. In tournament and Arena play your persistent stash of Bars will be unavailable and all Bars will be earned in each match. 


What Are Fortnite Bars


Loot For Sale

These helpful Characters wandering the Island will sell you weapons, upgrades, and more... for a price. Drop right on a Character and start your match off in style or be on the lookout for roaming merchants. Trade your stash of Bars in for high-class Exotic weapons, helpful consumables and upgrades, or even hire them to fight alongside you.

If you’re up for an added challenge, initiate a one-on-one duel and walk away with their wares free of charge. Meet all the Characters of the Island and fill out your Collection Book with their locations and wares; then plan your next drop spot in order to be the first to take advantage of their offerings.

Good luck out there - it’s hunt or be hunted!