Fortnite Battle Royale v19.40 Mar 8 Hotfix: Fight with Beak Performance in Avian Ambush Week

The Fortnite Team

The pecking order has changed.

In Avian Ambush Week, chickens are kings of the ecosystem. They’ve totally done away with sharks, wolves, frogs, and boars… and they’re coming after you next. Not only have they become more common, but they now fight back when attacked. Choosing peace with them instead? Hold one and it’ll peck at nearby opponents! You’ll also notice glowing chickens called Loot Chickens. Like crows (whom the chickens spared), these chickens carry loot!

As you’re hatching new strategies in Avian Ambush Week, complete “Avian Ambush Week” Quests for extra XP. 🐔

Fortnite Chickens

Avian Ambush Week runs until March 15, 2022, at 8:59 AM ET. After the animal kingdom restabilizes and the “Avian Ambush Week” Quests are over, a new themed week will begin at 9 AM ET on March 15! As with the previous weeks, this week will bring a new batch of special Quests.

Even after balance returns to the ecosystem, things won’t be quite the same. Many chickens will still fight back attackers, some Loot Chickens will stay behind, and you’ll still be able to hold fowls for offense!