Fortnite Battle Royale v20.00 Mar 29 Hotfix: Fortnite Zero Build + Anvil Rocket Launcher + Assault Rifle Vote

The Fortnite Team

In the Battle Royale v20.00 Mar 29 hotfix, intensify the fight against Titans (or any other rival vehicle), and soon, increase the Resistance’s inventory with an unvaulted weapon. Which weapon? It's up to you!

Battle Headstrong in Fortnite Zero Build

Zero Build is a pure test of weapon, item, and traversal ability. Zero Build can be found in the Discover page as Solo, Duos, Trios, and Squads playlists. (Access the Discover page by clicking on the “CHANGE” button above “PLAY!” in the Lobby.) 

As a defense in the absence of builds, players have the recharging Overshield in Zero Build. 

Rock Vehicles with the Anvil Rocket Launcher

There’s the Heavy Turret for taking on vehicles, so how about an anti-vehicle weapon you can carry? 

20BR S20 Week2 3 MOTDs HomingRocket 1900x600

With the Anvil Rocket Launcher, look into its scope and lock onto your vehicle target. Once your target’s locked, fire a rocket that’ll go flying its way! Anvil Rocket Launchers can be found in regular and Rare Chests, in Seven Supply and IO Chests, in Supply Drops, and from sharks.

B.A.R. - Bars for Assault Rifle

Get ready for an unvault! The Resistance needs help deciding whether to assemble the MK-Seven Assault Rifle or Combat Assault Rifle. With the former, peer into the red-dot scope of an Assault Rifle capable at long range. With the latter, carry the Assault Rifle counterpart to the forceful, tight-bullet-spread Combat SMG. (Instead of staying at one strength, the Combat Assault Rifle’s recoil now ramps up to that strength.)

S20 WarEffort Social 1900x600 RedDot V CombatAR

Before one of these Assault Rifles is unvaulted, you’ll have the opportunity to try out both in the wild! Find MK-Seven and Combat Assault Rifles scattered throughout the Island from Saturday, April 2, at 4 AM ET to Monday, April 4, 2022, at 11:59 PM ET. Not too long after this trial period ends, you can vote for your favorite choice by contributing Bars at Funding Stations. The first weapon that reaches 100% Funded will swiftly enter the loot pool!

Competitive Notes

  • The Anvil Rocket Launcher is not included in competitive playlists.

  • The MK-Seven Assault Rifle/Combat Assault Rifle trial period will not take place in competitive playlists.